Back in Rome

Last September, I was assigned to three weeks of classes in (yey yea!) Italy- one week in Sigonella and two weeks in Naples.

I was there for training but rest assured that I did some traveling. I managed to revisit and visit old and new places. I chose to come back to Rome and Amalfi Coast.

My return to my most favorite city was more than bliss.



It was an entirely different feeling when you come back to a place you’ve known than seeing it for the first time. Returning back to Italy was most profound. It’s like having your precious memories come to life again.



Granted my ardent love for Rome will never cease, i’m so grateful that I was given a blessing to come back and see it all over again.


-Vittorio Emanuele-


-Roman Forum-


-Piazza del Popolo-




-Trevi Fountain-


-Spanish Steps-

Rome is one huge majestic outdoor museum, and what I always love about it is the plethora of historical and architectural sights you get to see.


-Piazza del Popolo-



-Piazza del Popolo-


-Piazza del Popolo-

I resided in Italy for 2 years. I love and missed it so much. I always hoped of returning, but I always thought that would only stayed as a dream. I really felt so blessed to be given that opportunity to come back. I was there for a day so I didn’t get to hit a lot of other great spots like St. Peter’s Basilica. My time there was short. Even then, I’m very thankful.

If you ever plan of going, be ready to do a lot of walking. Given my time restriction, I steered clear of places where there are waiting time just to get inside.


-Spanish Steps-


-Piazza del Popolo-

P.S. A lot of construction works when I was there. If you look at the Trevi Fountain picture, I only took the upper part of it because there are works getting done to it. I also noticed a lot of giant advertising billboard signs (see a car advertisement on the first picture of Piazza del Popolo) are put up in front of or around the sights.

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Greedy as it may sound, I do hope to revisit Italy for the third time. It doesn’t cost to dream, right? 😉 I hope for everyone to be happy with whatever or wherever life takes you.

Last Call …


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  1. I just mentioned you to Steve recently that we have not heard from you. It seems like you heard me call you telepathically and viola a post about Rome.
    One day will get there for now, thank you for these lovely pictures. Lots of people/tourist I see. When do you think is the best time to go there ?

  2. Italy has wonderful memories for me too Rommel. Your photos are great but I heard about all the construction going on as well, it has been going on for a long time and that’s because it’s done on “Italy Time” which is very slow….I am so glad you got to be back there and enjoy its culture. Of course there will be a third and even a forth time….”It’s possible!”

  3. So good to hear from you ~ and especially with you back in your favorite city. You wrote something that is so true when returning to a place loved and admired: “It’s like having your precious memories come to life again.” Great photos and I hope that you have a great rest of the year – and also very good you had such a great place for training. Fantastic.

  4. I had wondered where you were Rommel … studying and a little re visiting a favourite place . Must be a good combination . Rome must be difficult to condense in a few days or even try to , how wonderful you lived there for two years previously. I can imagine how much you enjoyed that , as you say all the history and architecture – your mind must be FULL of knowledge and your neck must be somewhat strained 🙂
    Splendid photos . I do like the roof top view and the over view of the forum .

  5. Sure envy you, Rommel, but must settle for the fabulous photography of your favorite places. I just finished painting an Italian street scene. I have an ambition to paint the Grand Canal in Venice. Have you been there? Take care and God bless you!

  6. Rome is such a wonderful place to find yourself in, Rommel. I envy you seeing all those amazing sights again. The Trevi Fountain will really look so much better once its face lift is complete. Your image of the obelisk against the sky in the Piazza del Popolo is my favourite. So great to see you again. Don’t disappear for so long again. 🙂

  7. I cannot give Rome as much praise as it due. Hope you have been enjoying my series on Building a Roman Church… whether on an art, architectural, bucket-list, or spiritual level. All are worthy interpretations.

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