California 1 and the Pacific Coast Highway

Google it as much as you want… If you are searching about one of the best coastal drives in the world, California 1 and the Pacific Coast Highway is always on the list!

Here are the pictures to show you why. … 🙂



10433269_10153053963588578_6175898055981321027_nShell Beach






Muir Beach




Bixby Creek Bridge




Point Mugu


Point Reyes


Pismo Beach


Santa Monica




San Francisco


Mugu Rock






Shell Beach


 Muir Beach


Point Reyes


Big Sur






Drake’s Beach




Shell Beach





Now I dare you … I triple dare you to not take any pictures while driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco (or vice versa) using California 1. I frigging dare you. 😀

…. Ow, Keep your eyes on the road as much as possible and stay safe driving it!



Music: Pink Moon by Nick Drake

Movie: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Here’s a scene that wins Penelope Cruz tons of awards and nominations including an Oscar victory.

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  1. Beautiful photographs, it is my dream to ride the PCH on my bike (motorcycle). I think it is the most beautiful and scenic highway in the States. Thanks for the lovely post.

  2. Wow, I like Shell beach, Carmel and that little un-named cove! I’ve always fancied driving that route but whenever I think about a trip tot the US I just get confused because of the sheer size and amount of decisions to make. Then I choose somewhere else instead!

    • Shell Beach is my most favorite quick stop. I always take my lunch or snack there whenever I drive North.
      Definitely lots of choices in the ginormous US, for outsiders. For us insiders, so much places to dream to explore.

  3. I sure do agree with you! We are traveling north to Morro Bay and vicinity later this week and I am looking forward to the drive as much as the destination. One of the craziest things we ever did was drive a motor home from Eureka, California to San Francisco entirely on Highway 1. Thirty years later we still talk about it. It was the most gorgeous, scenic drive, but definitely not made for a big vehicle. There wasn’t any place for us to pull over and take photos and everyone was car sick. But it is incredibly beautiful, and the name, “King’s Highway,” is perfectly placed!

    • We enjoyed Morro Bay for the night life. Not clubs, but music bars. They have a lot of restaurants that feature visiting and local talents.

  4. Magnificent armchair road trip Rommel ! So many sceneic views it’d take forever from driving from A – B 🙂

    • 😀 Definitely, an hour worth of drive in a book can easily turn into 3 🙂 … most especially for bloggers or the trigger happy. 😀

  5. The BEST photos of California I are here!!! WOW! We drove Highway 1 before, I know how impossible to take photos… How did you do it, Rommel, and you didn’t get arrested, how?! Thank you for the movie clip 🙂

    • Ahihihi … Luckily, I never did get arrested for speeding …. I did get one though for swaying too much …. The police thought I was drunk. I wasn’t.

  6. I took that drive in 1988 (probably quite a bit before you were born!) and it’s something that never leaves your memory. It was beautiful and memorable. Your photos are amazing! 😀

  7. Great pictures.. You have to love Highway 1/ PCH. I used to love going from Monterey down to Ventura on Hwy1 when I was a tour guide- less the fog that could creep in. Still haven’t been to Muir Beach (or Woods for that matter). Have to go to Santa Monica over the weekend and will definitely take the ocean route! Will be in SF in a few weeks but don’t have time to go to Marin Co.- maybe next trip!!

      • Yes, I spent a year and a half as a tour guide leading seniors all around on bus tours! It was an amazing experience. I visited places that I would have never seen, met some amazing people, and have memories that will last a lifetime. The two place I remember most are the country of Portugal and the state of Washington. I actually gave my resignation from a pay phone along Highway 1 in Big Sur!

        Thank you for the well wishes- SF will be a blast. I’m actually flying up ‘solo’ and hanging out with the girls for weekend which is something I haven’t done since I went to a bachelorette party in the City many years ago.

  8. Wonderful photos, Rommel. California 1 is on the top of our list for next year’s travel! I am so happy to see your photos… great preview. And since my husband is going to drive, I am hoping I will take plenty of photos 😉 Thanks. Have a nice day!

  9. I WIN!!! I rode it from Oregon I think to San Diego one time on the back of a motorcycle… didn’t take one picture!!! LOL only because I forgot to take a camera.. but for now, I still have the memories… it was beautiful! and those are some spectacular photo’s… is that you surfing???

    • From Oregon to San Diego without taking a picture … that to me is insanity. 🙂 I kid, I was just exclaim how beautiful California coast for each and every one who pass it not appreciate it. You still have the rich memories.
      Surfing is not for me. I’m not even good at swimming.

      • all these beautiful places your visiting, and you’re not in the water? Oh, please switch lives with me!!! 🙂

  10. Nice pictures Rommel … last year my friend and I traveled all the way from SF to San Diego. She was cycling and I was on my skateboard. It took us some time but we could stop whenever we wanted to enjoy the scenery. Route 1 is definitely a must see/do

    • That sounds wild! I actually read some of your posts (don’t know why I couldn’t reply on your page). I saw you struggled with the way of the roads there in the US. Well at least you made it through, impressively! I’m sure with great memories of it too.

    • No problem arranging it, as long as you give me your account information. 🙂 Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to plan for two people. 😀

    • Just a tad. 🙂 A lot of my co-workers are transferring from here to California. I always end up talking about the endless different things they can do there, places to visit, and food to eat. Greece is great, but this is a country with not much Americanized places to go. 🙂

  11. You just took me on a nostalgic trip back to the greatest stretch of highway EVER! And your photos are all such top notch, made me wish all these areas so much. The highlight for me was Big Sur, just a surreal experience but then again every place you mentioned here deserves top honors…just a great stretch of life 🙂 Beautiful work Rommel, thank you for this trip back in time 🙂

  12. I pinned your photo of Santa Monica Pier to my Pinterest Board I knew that Frank Gehry lived in Santa Monica, but I never knew where. I love his house on Venice Beach boardwalk (or is it Playa del Rey) with the lookout tower. The person who owns that house was once a lifeguard so that is why he built that little lookout house in the front. I also have a photo of that house that I was looking for to put on my last post “Vibrant” but couldn’t find what I did with it. Gehry has a couple of buildings in NYC. You should come to see them.

  13. I smiled – the locals call it the 101 …have lived for 3 decades in some of the suburbs of L.A. and still have not tired of the landscape in CA! Now I live East from Nappa valley which is a different atmosphere, but we wanted to get out of the traffic and the masses of people. Thanks for visiting me. Well, you seem to know what to do with a “slump” (I wonder what a high is then for you!)

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