Naxos, Greece


Naxos may not be as popular and engaging as Mykonos or Santorini. But in my experience, Naxos was fun! The most fun I had in a while.


Me and my coworkers explore the island riding quads. It’s practical, convenient, and so so so fun! I felt like a movie star driving a four-wheeler around with incredible, dramatic backgrounds of this European island.





The beaches are some of the clearest, most pristine I’ve ever seen!




Agia Prokopios is so beautiful that just couldn’t miss the chance. I finally got to swim in the water here in Greece.





We then drove to explore some more and ended up at Mikri Vigla. We had another kind of fun of climbing the rock areas.




Rocks and water combined … my kind of place! 😀 The water’s so beautiful.



We still managed to have a balance between fun and culture. That sure won’t go away. 😉

Temple of Demeter …



Temple of Dionysus …


I get to see Ariadne!!!


To refresh your memory, her story is linked to my older post, Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete.

At night time, we continued the fun drinking! It’s been ages since I got wasted.  It wasn’t a club, just a bar, so it’s good amount of crowd. I was friendly talking to everybody in the bar, and even dancing to some. 🙂 We even befriended an Irish guy and a woman from Holland. The couple really enjoyed my drunken humor. We continued drinking it up at their place until the next morning. 🙂

We made the best out of our 4-day weekend in Naxos. Riding the quads was a first for me. We indulged to awesome meal. We unwound, enjoyed the sceneries and the beautiful water, and partied it up at night. We really had a blast in Naxos!


Images are taken with Samsung Note 3.

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  1. the water is so beautiful because it’s untouched by pollution. what a concept eh? lovely place too! 🙂

  2. So glad you were able to cover Naxos. We spent 8 days here a few years back and I loved it too. The water was beautiful but it was the locals that I remember. They were so generous and fun. Great memories for you Rommel. Love the photos.

    • Wow, Karen, you really been places. I’m so glad to share Naxos with you. I do love the locals. It was easy for me to be friendly and approachable to them.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful four days! Glad you did do a few cultural things:) The water is so beautiful and clear. But I do love the rocks that you can climb around on!

    • At the first beach, I was the only one doing. They only did it too when we hit the second beach. Was nice to share the fun with my coworkers.

  4. OMG Rommel, you are killing me! You finally made it to my favourite Cycladic Island!! 😀 I’m so glad that you found Agios Prokopios as beautiful and pristine as we did. Actually, we were trying to sort our summer plans yesterday, and we are REALLY, REALLY trying to get ourselves to Europe. Hope we manage to make it work!

    • Yeah, you are a big part of the reason why I wanted to go there. You, Ariadne, and the pristine water of course. 😀 Thanks for that. I even got to convinced friends to come with me.
      No Europe? How come not?

      • Well, I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and my recommendation wasn’t a bunch of hot air! 😉 Not sure about Europe yet, but def trying to make it happen…it will all depend on…THE BABY. Lol, yeah, I’m pregnant. Haven’t announced on our blog yet, but about 4.5 months now. It’ll be our last trip as a couple, so definitely want to make it a good one, but of course, it will depend on how everything is going… 😀

  5. Don’t think I ever made it to Naxos but it looks wonderful. Good that you can be a happy drunk once in a while!

  6. Nice post! Nothing beats swimming in the Greek Isles.. I had an opportunity to visit Poros and go swimming in the Aegean Sea- it was amazing and your post brought me back! …..looks like life is treating you well….. 🙂

  7. Had to look on maps to see where Naxos is ! Quite a hop from Crete Rommel … you lucky guy but then I know you work hard too 😉 a four day weekend sounds wonderful .
    The waters are really that sparkling I know and so tempting …
    That’s a great shot of you all with the town in the background … how come we didn’t see a dawn pic of it .. seems like you were up all night 😉
    Thinking of that …we had fun watching folks pile out of the night club on Chania harbour side as I set up for my dawn shot …. numerous glassy eyed guys and girls in sky scraper heels 😀
    Enjoy your time off and bring us more island delights .

    • Oh yeah, Chania is a party town. They say it’s even crazier when the official Summer comes. The party even during work week. It’s fun there, but not exactly my kind of fun. I go only from time to time.

  8. It looks like a fun and beautiful place to visit. The photos are enticing. Naxos inspired the name of a low-priced classical music label. The company is here to stay like Naxos itself.

  9. Greece, with its anciety cities and ruins, and all those small islands, is on our list. That trip will be a few years out. I’ll wander through your blog series to get some ideas.

    • Accessible by ferry. It’s about 4-5 hours North of Crete, Greece. From Crete, the ferry stops at Santorini (about 2 hours), Ios (about 3), Naxos (about 4-5), and lastly, Mykonos (5 or more). Naxos is the biggest island out of the Cyclades.

  10. This is an island I never wanted to leave, Rommel. Of course, our experience was very different from yours. We sat at a bar on the front, under a stripey awning, drank gently and just gazed at the sparkle on that water. One of the first places I ever lost my heart to. 🙂 Thanks for taking me back.

    I keep meaning to say how very much I love your header photo too.

  11. “Incredible, dramatic backgrounds,” and then some!

    Aside from that, I still don’t fully understand how Greece got into the financial mess that it’s in now. How much of it is connected to the 2008 worldwide setback, and how much of it is a result of other economic issues?

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