Death Valley National Park in Monochrome

On my first post of Death Valley National Park, the pictures were taken from a cellphone and I edited them using a cellphone app Snapseed. This time, the images are from my DLSR. This is Death Valley National Park, one of the top locations I’ve ever visited. I want to present it the right way with what I got.

It was a constant battle whether I should present the pictures in a color or monochrome palette. I didn’t want to present it in B&W in the first place. Many have been successful with turning their DVNP pictures into B&W. I’m intimidated. I don’t know how they do it!?. Mine pales in comparison. With the images I got, the transition isn’t quite right in my humble opinion. When I posted The City of San Francisco in Monochrome I can proudly say that it’s the kind of setting that’s just the right fit for B&W, but it still honestly eats me that the original (with colors) were not presented. It is hard to present pictures initially in monochrome leaving behind the originals in mystery. Bottom line is that another post of a location I already previously presented… I really wanted it to be different. I decided to compromise…. So …


The Sophomore Slump Recommends …

Movie: Crash – The ultimate success movie with ensemble cast and interwoven stories.

Recommendation Flashback: Blue Valentine –
Here is Ryan Gosling (back when he was un-Hollywood 🙂 ) playing ukulele…

Music:  The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Retro R&B and neo-soul perfection. Oh Lauryn Hill… come back into the limelight.

Recommendaton Flashback: Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams
The song, however, is not from Heartbreaker, just a personal choice to introduce to you Ryan Adams… Here is Desire …


This post is part of my monthly California post.

10516687_10153226834633578_7719740213201029910_n (2)

Death Valley (2)

Death Valley (15)

Death Valley (13)

Death Valley (6)

Death Valley (9)

Death Valley (7)

Death Valley (8)

Death Valley (18)

Death Valley (17)

Death Valley (12)

Death Valley (4)

Death Valley (16)

Death Valley (5)

The problem with showing original images together with the ones that are turned into B&W, revealing the true colors spoils the effect B&W pictures had…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then it dawned on me, whatever the dilemma is, however mediocre I present it …. This is Death Valley National Park. I can’t go wrong with Death Valley National Park. The images will speak for itself.

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  1. I wish I felt more comfortable shooting in B&W Rommel because I see so many photos that I love in this style. I think these are great. There is a vast barrenness to Death Valley and B&W seems to set the mood beautifully. 🙂

  2. Most spectacular work dear Rommel!Great series in mono,they are so classic and beautiful 🙂
    Visited your post with the colourful photos,it was equally remarkable..All the best, Doda

  3. Great photos, as always. I opened two windows so I can see B&W and color together. Some I like B&W better; some I like color one better; some I like them equally. Very interesting post. Thank you.

  4. While I do think the beauty in Death Valley is the color contrast, your B&W are gorgeous because they allow us to focus on the formations beauty. I am glad to see that you also posted the color photos:)

    • Yeah, at the time, my DSLR battery, memory cards and cords were all in my moving shipments that I couldn’t upload anything but the cellphone shots. I’m happy to show more of DVNP. It deserves a second look anyways. 🙂

  5. The photos are wonderful, Rommel. It’s such an incredible place! I have boxes of old photos from there, but haven’t been in many years. I keep thinking I need to make the trip with a good camera! 🙂 You’ve inspired me. I don’t do much with black and white, and I don’t know why. The effect is great!

  6. Thank you for the like on my blog – I just visited Death Valley and will be posting photos soon. I love the black and white perspective – it mimics the epic vastness of the park – great eye!

  7. Death Valley has never looked this beautiful, massive, magnificent… Wow!!! I’m in love with your B&W. 🙂 Btw, I visited there some years ago.

  8. Rommel, these shots are just incredible (the 4th one being my favorite…and is the reason I am trying to visit there next time I’m back in the States). Something about the place that you capture in the shots, and with the B&W really show a landscape I have not seen (or imagined) before. Beautiful work ~ I envy your trip there 🙂

    • Oh no! If you do get to DV, these pictures will be overshadowed. I kid. I kid. 😀 Would love to see your takes on DV. That oughtta be epic!

  9. your Ryan Adams music selection fit perfectly while viewing your take on Death Valley. enjoyed both views…and love the Blue Valentine clip. cute.

  10. Needless to say, Death Valley has a beauty all its own whether presented in mono or color. Fantastic, Rommel. I’ve never been there but my Dad used to tell me stories about crossing through in the 30s. Based on his stories, I was surprised to see people wearing jackets! 🙂

  11. The B&W ones look like the photos are taken from some filter, there is grainy quality to them ! I like the B&W one’s, I’m a huge fan of such however after seeing the colors one I do think with these couple of photographs colored one’s took the crown. But it’s just a personal opinion. Great photographs anyways ! 🙂

    • A website is actually asking me to write a travel blog and I’m choosing this location for it. I’m so torn between B&W or colored.

      • If I were to choose I’d go with colored ones if you are using these photographs. Colors really gives these photos an extra edge . but hey I’m no photographer that’s just personal preference, Go with your gut 🙂

  12. Beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing the ones in color, too. It lets us appreciate the best of both. 🙂

  13. Death Valley 13 is a stunning image. I really like the way the scale is indicated through the small figures in the mid foreground. It works very well in B and W. Perhaps try making it a little more punchy with increased contrast – just a suggestion.

    • Duly noted. I had some photos with high contrasted B&W. The sand dunes need to look like sand dunes that it feels like contrast doesn’t work on it. Thanks for the comment and visit, adivinglife.

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