Aptera, Without Wings

THE MUSES They were the Greek Goddesses of the Arts. They were the personification of knowledge and the arts especially literature, dance and music. Writers, poets or composers, even painters and philosophers, called out to The Muses when they’re in need of inspiration or help. Hence, where the word “music” comes from, referred to as one of the arts of The Muses. aptera3 THE SIRENS They were black-winged bird-women singers. They were placed by Romans in islands surrounded with cliffs and rocks such as Paestum, Sorrento, and Capri. They were femme fatale. Beautiful but dangerous, they used their enchanting music and voices to lure sailors to their deaths.


THE SINGING CONTEST Hera, Queen of the Gods, persuaded The Three Sirens to compete with The Nine Muses into a singing competition. The Muses won the competition. The Sirens were in such a distressed state that their black feathers fell out into the sea, which transformed into “white islands” in Souda Bay.



It is from this legend that the city takes its name, Aptera, meaning without wings.






MUSIC: The Man Who by Travis – Pop version of Radiohead? The soft-side of Oasis? The unknown Coldplay? Label as much as they want, Travis pulled a solid album with The Man Who.

Recommendation Flashback: Clocking in at #2 of My Top Albums of Decade 2000’s is O by Damien Rice. Here he is with Blower’s Daughter…

Movie: Death at a Funeral – Perhaps the funeral that you’d ever have the most laughs.

Recommendation Flashback: Here is Amelie … helping a blind man …


Short post so I’ll add this one … Speaking of music and dance …

I had the chance to have fun joining in to some Greek cultural dances during a part of the event that our work assembled for us …

aptera11 aptera10

Next post: Downtown Chania, Irakleio, or a something-else post. 🙂

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  1. Always nice to read your post, Rommel. I like the story! Maybe I’ll find a book to read all about these stories. But I think I like the dancing part even better 😉 Take care.

  2. Greek mythology and their meanings are so special. It’s so interesting to read about them and to imagine this when you are on their beautiful land. Im sure the dancing was fun too. 🙂

  3. I’ve a feeling we’ll all be well placed for a specialist quiz on Greek Mythology sometime soon Rommel 🙂 Love hearing these stories .
    Looks like you’ve been climbing heights again … super pictures ! oh and the dancing … great fun … they REALLY pick up speed at the end too don’t they 😀

  4. Hey where is the picture of you moving to the groove of Greek music??!! 😉
    I’m soon going to start a campaign to have you participate more in the photos you share if you don’t start doing it yourself ! 😀

  5. so nice- and the song from rice was cool – and you know – you also reminded me again of the slice of time when sessions like this were so new and cool – and they are still great – but it was special when studios and stations used to host these musicians – these wonderful talented musicians and songs take on new life unplugged and raw like this ❤

      • it does pay to explore and adventure – 🙂 – and looks like your time in Greece is going well – like the dance event – oh – and never heard of amelie before – that was sweet –

  6. I am a sucker for mythology, so thanks for the backstory. We bought a CD of Greek dance music – the Syrtaki I think it was – in Athens and it never fails to transport me back there 🙂

  7. Great post ~ one of my favorite myths I could read about forever are The Sirens. Perhaps it is because, as you say, they were “femme fatale, beautiful but dangerous” and I think that was/is the attraction. I always thought how sad it was for the sailors who lost their lives by becoming enchanted with the Sirens and their songs…but then figure if the time comes when I must leave the Earth, there may not be a better way to go 🙂

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