Unique California 2.0

Here are some of the most unusual, unique, weird, odd, out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind, outlandish, and fun places in California.

From an out-of-place Hindu templeVenice Beach


an outrageously decorated apartment of mystical creatures, to Frank Gehry’s unconventional methods of constructions and onto some of the most exotic places you’ll find in California.

Let’s start again with world renowned starchitect Frank Gehry.


The Gehry Residence features fences that are out-of-place, unpainted wood, aluminum stack that doesn’t work, roofing materials that used as walls, oddly placed glass cubes, and other unusual designs. Gehry still lives in this house today.

If you think you can stomach this next one, you might wanna chew on it …


In Downtown of San Luis Obispo, you can find an alley filled with bubble gums.

Bubble gum Alley

General Sherman

Where do you find the largest tree on Earth?


General Sherman, the largest tree on Earth, can be found in Sequoia National Park.

In South Pasadena, you can find a pharmacy with adjoining vintage memorabilia store, bath and accessories store, soda, ice cream and coffee bar counter. It’s called …

Fair Oaks Pharmacy

283625_329897867090255_1339904138_n 556619_329897353756973_753875817_n

Laid scattered in Anza Borrego Desert State Park are these metal sculptures …


… with dramatic desert settings all created by Ricardo Breceda.

Where do find the lowest point in North America?

THE Lowest point in North America: Badwater Basin in Death Valley NP

THE Lowest point in North America: Badwater Basin in Death Valley NP

Badwater Basin can be found in Death Valley National Park. You can find tons of interesting nature’s arts there in DVNP including Artist’s Pallet, Devil’s Cornfield, Twenty Mule Team Canyon, to name a few.

There’s a skull-looking jumbo rock…


… in Joshua Tree National Park. You can find tons of interesting rock formations there.


Can you see the guy?

We are getting too strange so I’m going to stop from here. If you’re intrigued by one of these odd places, either click to the ones I linked or try the Search tab.

Last Call …





A flashback recommendations … I’ve already suggested this before but didn’t provided videos then …

Movie: DOUBT

My favorite is when late-Phillip-Seymour Hoffman yelled, “You have no right to act on your own … ” 😀

All lead and supporting performances were nominated at the Oscars.

Music: Vampire Weekend

The album I recommended was the self-titled album Vampire Weekend.This video, however, is from the second album called Contra.

It’s a fun, fun, fun, fun video. Stick to the end, I love the bell poundings.


Part 1 includes a binocular-shaped building, a house filled with graffiti, the last place in America, a yard full of junk arts, a painted mountain, a bunny-filled house, towers made of junks, and an apartment filled with mystical creatures decorations.


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  1. Yep! You have found some of the best! LOL! I haven’t been to gum alley, but we’re going to be in SLO in a couple of months, I may just have to check that one out! I know that you followed the unusual architecture of the Disney Concert Hall, but you’ll have to see the Broad Museum being built adjacent the Concert Hall. The scaffolding is still up, but I think it is probably going to be my new favorite building. It will be a “must see” when you come back to CA, and I predict you will want to add it to your Unique California list.:-)

  2. Well done post! :)) Coincidentally, my godmother was just at the dinosaur sculptures in Anza Borrego last week during her trip to California to visit me. I was at work so I couldn’t join, and she kept sending me pics of her and her boyfriend with dinosaurs, and I was super surprised, wondering where she found dinosaurs in Anza Borrego. She explained the history of the sculptures to me. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about the project! Such a beautiful desert, and the sculptures would definitely make it worth the trip.

    • Yeah, Anza Borrego is way out there but even further exploration of it is definitely worth the trip. I plan to go back when I get back to Cali. She must’ve gotten nice pictures with the sculptures. They’re wicked cool.

  3. I HAVE gum on the wall in gumball alley! Years old. Two occasions actually. Once with my brother and once with my daughter. Rumor has it that that alley used to be about a foot wider.

    (just kidding! – about the wider part 😉

  4. Rommel, thank you for the lovely California trip. I love the most pictures where the Clouds, Mountains and narrow line of Earth with group of people. Great composition!
    It looks being to Greece you missed your lovely California. 🙂

  5. enjoyed this fun post – and salute to General Sherman!! my flash is out of date so I could not view the vids – but will get to those later – oh – and the vintage phamr. was my fav… no wait the horse silhouette was… 🙂 ❤

  6. So did you add one of your own gum to Gum Alley? 😀
    The metallic sculptures are magnificent to look at. You are so right, Seems like California has got everything, from bizarre to stunning scenes to look at..Thanks for taking me for a visual tour of it Rommel.

    Have a happy weekend. Love,
    zee ❤

  7. Hey Rommel- How goes it? You know I love California- but have only been to a few of these spots. I Am doing something new for me tomorrow though- my first Clippers game- family in tow. Hope all is well in Greece- have been out of the WP loop as of late but am slowly working my way back! Take care.

  8. Ha, ha…what a great introduction to California, a great description: the most unusual, unique, weird, odd, out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind, outlandish place in the USA 🙂 My favorite of the places you introduce is definitely the huge Redwood, I think that would be a special thing to see. Cheers ~

  9. Hey, Rommel! These are really pretty interesting photos, bro. Good job! My favorites here: the largest tree photo, and the one where you have the tiny people in front of gigantic mountains. 😉

    You may want to add watermarks on your photos to reduce the possibility of them getting stolen online. 🙂

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