Busting the Odometer in Souda Bay, Greece

Strap on your seatbelt. We are busting the odometer here in Souda Bay, Greece.


View from my apartment

We’ll go the beach areas, make a quick look at downtown, eat good food,  go to one ancient structure, drive around …

And let’s get orientated!



Movie: Man on Wire – Before Joseph Gordon-Levitt steals the show, let it be known that there is already an awesome award-winning documentary film about Philippe Petit, the Man on Wire. There’s more theatrics to this film than just crossing a wire between the Twin Towers in New York. There’s more behind to the intensity of his balancing act. There’s more gravity to his dream chasing, of the art he performs. And at the end, a closer look of the personality behind the man on wire himself. 

Music: In Search of … by N.E.R.D.  Doesn’t ring a bell? Think Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. That combination get you a drumming, strumming, ROCKING R&B/Hip-Hop album. Although, tracks like “Run to the Sun” (best track), “Stay Together” and the album ender “Bobby James” might surprise you even more.

Here is “Rock Star” which includes a feature on, well, a NERD.


First thing first…

You might assume this is a beatification on the road just like I thought too …


Nope! This is a Death Box. It means that there has been death/s from accident that happened there. The number of these death boxes you see on the road is alarming.

Before coming here, I already heard the many warnings and bad reps on driving here in Greece is – the traffic rules, the pedestrians, the narrow roads, same ordeal when I was in Naples, Italy. It is whoa dangerous to drive here.

I’ll be more careful and be more of a defensive driver.

In case we get lost, I already know the Greek translation of “How to I go back to …?” 😀

I actually signed up to a Greek lesson. We’ll talk about Greek language some other time. 😉

Let’s get moving…

By the way, local Greek radio station is on. Screw putting on a CD. 😉

1st pic: Mail boxes, they’re everywhere, visible while driving the road
2nd pic: 1 Euro sandwiches!!!
4,5,6 pics: Death Boxes

This next one is the same view from my apartment, only closer. Taken from where this Nymfes Cafe Restaurant is.



This next one is on the other side of those views.


Views are in front of Mega Place, the theater complex here.


A preview of the harbor around the downtown area.


We went and had a feast by the harbor. Wine, raki (“moonshine” in Greece, none for me please), and dessert are on the house!

A quick stop at an ancient structure, close to the airport.


… and of course, the beach areas …



The beaches here are small. But even so, they say that during Summer tourists from all over the world come here multiplying the population up to 10x. We shall see after this rainy season.




We’re almost out of gas. We explored enough already so we RTB (return to base). 😀

You’ve been an excellent navigator. 😀

(All these are culmination of solo, duet, and group trip. 🙂 )

Now that I started driving around, I get a little used to driving here. I get to know where to shop, eat, drink coffee, places to visit and explore, and areas to just hang out.

Next weekend, we’ll wake early and go see more of the The Harbor and Downtown area. Or, hopefully, maybe fly to Athens. That’s if my supervisors let me. If not, plenty of time for Athens. 😉



Get to the front page and scroll down, down, down and be amazed on how awesome DuneLight’s photography are. Panorama, high defs, landscape and ocean views, travel photos, portraits to event pictures … DuneLight (click here) has a little bit of everything.

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  1. I am so envious on one hand, and grateful for your shares on the other. Lucky, lucky you to see all these fabulous places first hand. I hope and pray to go to Italy one day, if no where else. It appears Greece is very similar … not surprising giving it’s proximity to Italy. Both Nations are so colorful, with such wondrous landscapes and beaches … it’s enough to make your heart sing, just looking at the photos. I can only imagine how breathtaking those scenes are in person. 🙂

  2. Death Boxes! I know… other blogger said that already , but… Come to think about it, I have seen crosses on the roadside. I think they are for the same purpose… Great photos. Thanks, Rommel. Helen

    • Nah, those are not like graves. As a reminder, kind of. Driving here is dangerous. As for the weather, it actually is chilly here. It gets cold in th morning, at night, or when it rains.

  3. interesting, those death box monuments & looks like some have spent well earned money & effort for their love ones. you been swimming in that delightful & alluring pool yet?? 🙂

  4. Fabulous job of capturing the feel of the area. Drive carefully, I am looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

  5. What a great series of shots ~ the countryside and beaches places to dream about. Great photos. The death-boxes are something else, and also quite respectful too as they are pieces of memories and cause people like us who do not know the person who died there to think about safety and being careful… Very cool to checkout Souda Bay and looking forward to more adventures!

  6. I loved coming along for the ride Rommel, and I must say that you are an excellent driver! No death boxes for you please! Looking forward to exploring Greece more through your eyes. In the next few days I am doing a small post, which I will dedicate to you…stand by. 🙂

  7. Spectacular landscapes (I love that tree above!) and beautifully captured. I keep going back to the first shot. Is that your pool? How many people do you have to share it with?

    • I got the place for myself. I’m separated from the others. The other bigger house, my landlord shares it with two other tenants. All of us can use the pool. 😉

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