5 Seconds


Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close by Jonathan Safran Foer – Packed with bits of  sentiments and details both in words and in visuals, this novel earns one of the best child narrators I’ve ever read.
In Rainbow by Radiohead – Music that takes you in a trance and lyrics that will rip your hearts apart. Seriously, Radiohead albums should have a forewarning: Do not listen when depressed… or driving on the road at night.
Almost Famous – Very interesting that this, well, very interesting life journey is loosely based on the director’s (Cameron Crowe) teenage years. One of the top music-related movies to date.


I was tagged by Rommel of The Sophomore Slump  to list the 5 places I’d like to go back to. I am listing just that. Not exactly the best destinations, but 5 places that I’ve been to and wish to go back to. To wander once more. To explore more and hit the areas I wish I knew then. Places I wish I had more time to be in. Trips where I wish I used my times there better. Places I’ve been dreaming about of returning. 5 places I wouldn’t at all mind going for seconds.


The Alcazar alone is enough reason to go back Seville. The Cathedral, La Giralda, the palace, the watchtower “Torre de Oro”, the bullring, all in walking distance are icing on the cake. I will never forget the time when I just walked in the neighborhood by myself very early in the morning. For no apparent reason other than just wandering around and soaking in the moment.


Not that I didn’t have a great experience on our trip here per se. I did. It was adventurous actually. We explore a secret excursion that not many tourists know about. I just wish I knew how awesome the grotto really is. When I was here, I was with two friends who didn’t want to spend money to go on the boat that takes people to the Blue Grotto. Not only that, our time was not on our side either. I wish I was more pushy. 😀 I wish to go back here for the Blue Grotto. Then have more to see its pristine water, the picturesque houses, the boats, and the overlooking view once again.



I was excited to go to Japan for its unique culture. Although separated from the mainland, I’d still definitely go back to Okinawa, Japan to immerse once more of the culture, visit the amazing places, witness the awesome events and meet the people again and again. I wouldn’t even mind having the same experiences all over. 😉 Okinawa provided me so many “first” travel experiences.




There is just so much things to see and do in Bohol. So many of it so define the culture and beauty of the Philippines. I highly suggest the water tours which include dolphin watching, snorkelling, and the most beautiful spots ever, Virgin Island.


It is loved by many for good reasons. I got lost here from wandering around too much. 🙂 Paris is Paris. I blame it solely on Paris.



Holistic Wayfarer: A Holistic JourneyConfessions: Mismatching Socks and My Deepest Longing – Just one of the most honest, eloquent, best written blog pieces I’ve ever read.


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  1. Thank you for the generous regards. Wonderful post. The shots of Europe are simply exquisite. If you happen not to mind changing Diana to Holistic Wayfarer I’d so appreciate it. Either way, I am grateful for the spotlighting.

    Keep up the photography!


  2. I want to visit or re-visit every single place on this list. 🙂 Seville was my favourite place in Spain, liked it even more than Barcelona! And yes Rommel, you have to go back to Capri and see Grotta Azzura. Super touristy yet, but completely worth it. Those waters GLOW in the dark, and going into that small cave opening is thrilling! PS: I love that you tagged yourself. Haha! 😉

    • I have been wondering about the comparison between Seville and Barcelona. Having been to Sevilla, I never minded not having gone to Barcelona. The Grotta Azzura … now that’s something I regret not seeing.

  3. Nice sampling of photos for each destination, Rommel. I sense you would make an incredible travel guide or tour director. Interesting to note another Paris fan. I’ve probably traveled the globe as much as you, yet Paris simply doesn’t do for me what it does for many others. And an extreme elitist or liar I am not. Give me Kyoto, Venice or Athens any time, and I’ll return in a heartbeat. 🙂

  4. I always connect you with the green boat and the blue water of Bohol. Wish I had seen that place; I never really went sightseeing in the Philippines, except I saw 100 islands from a distance.

  5. Oh, Capri *sighs* – I have decided when I am an old and hopefully elegant, distinguished lady, Capri is where I will live out my golden years. Love the list! 🙂

  6. Haven’t been to the Philippines or Japan, sad to say, The other photos bring back good memories. Thanks.

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