Union Station in LA / Unstoppable


This post is part of Special Report.


I’m infected. I am cursed! I am held captive by this powerful force.


The change of seasons, heat of passion, the cry of a baby upon entering this world. Something in me I cannot control.


I become invisible. I become free. I am a moving train. Unstoppable. No. Nobody. Nothing can just stop me.


Avoidance will only weaken me. Try tying me up in shackles and chains, but this raging urge will sum up all the strength to let me be.


Hyper. Caffienated. Androgenic. High-strung. Heated. Battery always in full charge. I am Β …….. on fi—re!


Hercules. Superman. Goliath. Jessica Alba. No. All they can do is delay me. Nothing more, nothing less.


No drug can cure this disease. No shrink can fix this madness. No amount of electrity can measure up to this energy that is coursing through my veins.


And when my done is deed, it’s jubilation. A party inside my brain. Fireworks more spectacular than Macy’s in New York. Cerebral minions celebrating. Singing, dancing. Gallivanting. They’re boisterous and drunk!


I fed the hungry wolf inside me. My heart will sing. My body, rejuvenated. Satisfaction. I’ll sleep with a smile. Peace in my mind.


My passion is to travel. It is my obsession and it cannot be stopped.


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  1. Be careful those cerebral minions don’t short circuit anything while celebrating!

    And I must echo the previous commenter… Jessica Alba? Her mention disrupted my otherwise rapt attention to your escalating verse. πŸ™‚

    • I originally wrote “A very beautiful woman.” And soon thought that it didn’t match … has to be a name like the rest. Jessica Alba always, always, comes to mind. πŸ˜€

    • Some day, I’ll approach subjects the way you do… but I’ll only do it in instinct, not planned. πŸ˜‰ And hope to come up with some results that are as great as yours.

  2. I love this one! You have passion for travel is because you are sensitive about people, want to know the places, enjoy the freedom…. We are lucky to “travel” with you! Thank you so much, Rommel!

  3. Would love to travel by train more often, but coast-to-coast distances make air travel more practical at this time in our careers and family life. Have you seen the train station in San Diego? We took a glimpse in a few years back when we were visiting with family there.

  4. Why the Jessica Alba non-likers (I was going to say, haters, but that sounds so strong) She is gorgeous..and seems nice. I can see why you gave her super-hero status! Fun post, great photos!

  5. Great series of shots Rommel, the second one really being my favorite for the feeling of ‘possibilities’… And when Jessica Alba does appear only then will I be stoppable ~ “My heart will sing. My body, rejuvenated. Satisfaction. I’ll sleep with a smile. Peace in my mind.” πŸ™‚

  6. I have been there before – but do not remember it looking quite like this – and so each and every shot was soaked up by moi ❀ very cool

  7. Love your lyrical side Rommel!!! πŸ™‚ You have captured some cool angles here. No. 2 & 8 are my favourites from this fantastic gallery.

  8. I like every single detail in your photos. You know how to describe places and people in such an cozy way. As a woman, I love to look for small beautiful things in life. Thanks for shairng :0

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