Shot into Smithereens in BLAQUE

I put together two of my monthly photography posts, Shot into Smithereens and BLAQUE. I planned on composing this before my 300th, but now I’m glad I didn’t as I added more images well suited for B&W pics.


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Music: Grace – Jeff Buckley will always be remembered as one the greatest musicians to ever lived. One of the few dubbed male chanteuses, outstanding falsetto and an extremely incredible talent in guitar. One of my musical heroes, I thank him for his legacy he left us.

Film: Doubt – Award favorite, Meryl Streep, frustrated Oscar nominee, Amy Adams, respectable actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the incredible dramatic actress, Viola Davis. They all make up this movie with one of the best acting ensembles I can think of.

Book: The Green Mile – Most of us have our Stephen King favorite, right?


The difference with this and Blaque is found myself not wanting to lose too much of the color and or the natural hues. So instead, I played with the tint and contrast. You can see the different colors in some of the images. I wanted to give a little different feel than the last Blaque post. And I went deeper with the titles compared from the last Shot into Smithereens post. Some of the images are grainy but uh I do with what I have. I hope you like it …


























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  1. I love them! I love how you played with colors, or black and white. I love the titles… but a couple of them are a little too deep for me ;-( For example, “Low”. I know I am slow. Maybe I will get it tomorrow morning 😉 Thanks.
    Oh, I should add, what you are doing (put together these photos) is quite inspiring! Thanks. Helen

    • Eeek! That one is hard to give title to. I really just didn’t have anything in mind. I wanted to put Seiza, the Japanese style of sitting, but it’s not a common word. I guess what I wanted with that title is something with a negative tone even with a positive image.

  2. Four thoughts my good man. I like:

    Escape as it seems there may be no escape;
    Low as it reminds me of my years in Japan and its simplicity in its complexity;
    Story as it conjures warming, historical images of where I now reside (in the NM High Desert) and;
    Cache as it’s a very clever title, well suited for the shot.

    And a very humble thank you for featuring my blog. Your thoughtful action is equal parts unanticipated, kind, and appreciated, Rommel.

    • It’s hard to introduce images in B&W. Monochromatic and achromatic palette are really great effects. It’s just that I often feel bad losing the colors.

  3. I love what you’ve done with these images Rommel. These are so much more interesting than if shot in just b&w. This is a very cool series you have developed. 🙂

  4. I said it before, more than a few times, that your photos tell stories, whether they are in colors or B&W. Even those two chairs are saying something! I really love this set of shots! Thank you, King Rommel!! 🙂

    • Cool! Two mentions on Confrontation now. I thought the process isn’t perfect. But the picture suggests so many things to wonder about. I like that the chairs are two different colors.

    • I always keep in mind to find balance between the usual pictures I need to take for memories and the ones to improve my photography skills and the ones that seek creativity and artistry. That last one is me! Possibly 10 years ago. I set it up on timer. 😀

    • Sepia tone sure is effective. Very very nice question, milu. The processing obviously take longer. But the title, I ponder it over time as well. I was constantly thinking what titles to use.

  5. I’m amazed at the variety of the images, Rommel. Some of them just make you want to stand and stare. Those cyclists! Fantastic 🙂 Envy made me smile (how are you ever in the right place for a shot like that!) and then Chemistry- totally different but beautiful. Love your statue shots too. Great work! 🙂

    • It takes a lot of luck to get some unique shots. They rarely come by. Those cyclists … I was driving when I saw them …. I had to stop and park just to take pictures of them.

  6. Funny, you start with creep and end with someone creeping on you. HA. Tricky, tricky. This is a great set. Very different from your previous photography, but ya know? I like it! Excellent interpretation to the scenes.

  7. This whole post is wonderful, Rommel. I love your photos and titles and how you’ve presented them. I really love just the hint of color in some. Each photo is so unique and tells a different story. I hope you don’t need me to pick a favorite! No can do! 😀

  8. i agree with Linda…you compiled a very beautiful post. love the details in each photograph and seeing your perspective of the moment coming through. really love the Luggage and of course, the dog one called Envy. you were there at the perfect moment! thanks for sharing Eric…very inspirational. a fave Stephen King book…Under the Dome. i’ll have to check out the Green Mile…cheers!

  9. Nice tints. “Escape” is my favourite of the set. It, “Forlorn/Parking” and “Dream” have the most emotive impact on me. Fantastic set of shots, Rommel.

  10. This is GREAT photography, Rommel! Your compositions tell a story and the tonal values are very good with interesting lines and shapes. Some artists will do black and white drawings first to see if there is enough darks and lights to make an interesting color painting. In fact I am drawing only with graphite pencils for now and enjoy it very much that a beautiful scene can be portrayed in black and white. Good job!

  11. This is a selection of photos that draws you back to look at them again. I’ve gone up and down many, many time. The photos are captivating.
    I loved the movie Doubt. As an attendee of Catholic school it hits so many scars and realities of my days there. I’m glad I decided to forego
    entering the order of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Loved this post ….. have a GREAT WEEKEND !!!!

  12. Great series of photos ~ while I kept wavering on which one struck me the most (which is actually irrelevant, as they all speak to the viewer so well), I found myself being lost in Solace…

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