El Bordello Alexandra in Venice, CA


Tucked away from the busy Venice Beach Boardwalk is this incredibly weird and interesting apartment building with an overly decorated front, El Bordello Alexandra.


It’s just couple steps away from Venice Beach Boardwalk. Once you know what street to walk to, Westminster Avenue, this stand-out complex is hard to miss.  Not just how bizarre it is, but just look how gold it is!


And once you’re there, you’ll be amazed, mystified, intrigued and amused.


The artworks can be very intimidating for some.


It is outrageously decorated with contrasting themes. There are demons and angels, gargoyles, fairies, mermaid men? and centaurion, knights, dragons, and other imaginary and mystical creatures …



Here’s a fun fact. Bordello is a slang for a house of prostitution. El Bordello Alexandra was humored to be as such, what once a heroine den, and is now, like previously said, an art-filled (inside and out) private residential building.



Last Call…



Here are some of the most unusual, unique, weird, odd, out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind, outlandish, and fun places in California…. visit Unique California.

My apology for the inactivity from my part. Rommel will get his groove back in no time. 😀 Just had a big important exam last week.

Book: The Third Policeman by Flann O’brien. Is the earth shaped like a sausage? Humor and mystery will stun you at the very end!
Music: Vampire Weekend (self-titled). Just when Indie Pop is losing its fame, Vampire Weekend comes in and gave us the most effective and successful of its kind, both in POPularity and as redeeming Indie Pop-ish innovator.
Movie: The Social Network. Sometimes you gotta be mad to be a genius. Real-life character of Mark Zuckerberg and director, David Fincher, proved that. In my view, this is one of the best in combining musical score and cinematography.


Here’s to one honest travel blog post – “Dear Hong Kong, I’m Sorry … “. That’s exactly what Sha is, an honest blogger who blogs about her best and some epic fail travel moments. Her blog, Life To My Fullest.


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  1. Now that’s a strange one! I haven’t seen it, but next time I’m in Venice I’ll think about it…it might be too creepy for me. LOL! And there is plenty I find a little odd in Venice Beach….but this may be top of the list! Hope you do well on your exam. Good for you!

    • Then I don’t suggest visiting at night. The complex lights up with red glooms. I love the Binocular Building by architect Frank Gehry. It’s very close to the Boardwalk.

  2. Oooh, love those gargoyles, they do look quite menacing though. Perhaps I have had too much of cartoon gargoyles in my head, those are the only ones I’ve seen before so far…:) Also, for a brief moment, I thought that the cute doggie was part of the decorations too…hahaha..good one that one.

    Lastly, thanks for the feature! Great to know that someone has been entertained by my failed travel moments…I should look into putting up more positive ones though. But then, the ones that remain in my mind always seems to be the failed ones…hahaha…anyway, good luck for the exams…:)

  3. Hmm… I’ve missed seeing this somehow.. I will have to stop by next time we are driving through Venice.. I’m sure that the kids will be amused. In Italian ‘bordello’ refers to a big mess so I hear that word a little too often when my husband is looking at the mess that the kids have created everywhere! Have a great day..

  4. I can’t believe my eyes and, yet, I can’t look away. It’s ghoulish, grotesque and downright ugly but I continue to stare. Okay, it’s okay, I’m okay now. I can’t imagine living in a building like that without having nightmares. Don’t these people ever watch TV? 😆 Whew! Rommel, the things you do find! Love it! Best part about the building is the adorable pit bull! 😉

  5. What a fascinating building ~ and you photos were great, especially having the pit bull shot placed in with all the other statutes and ghouls 🙂 A great eye you have there, and your ability to find these incredible places is pretty amazing. Well done!

  6. Wow pretty crazy place, have definitely never seen it before. Thanks again for the visits and kind words on my blog. Keep taking adventures with your camera and sharing, you always seem to find some great pics and interesting places!!

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