Venice Beach and beyond

This is a two-page post.

I love Venice Beach. I absolutely do.


I bring it up a lot on this blog actually. The Proof.



There’s so much to see! It’s guaranteed that everytime you go there, you’ll see something new.

There’s so many people every time. It’s a theater for people-watching.


Beach Guitar Man


Treeman talking on the cellphone


Horse Police


There’s so many activities going on. So many wheelers – skateboarders, bikers, rollerbladers, segwayriders, and even strollers. Surfers too!

There’s a basketball court. There’s the Muscle Beach. The Freak Show. etc.


Muscle Beach

There’s the excessive tattoo shops, “medical” marijuana shops, sunglasses, t-shirts, and, of course, arts and crafts.

There’s so many unique things to explore.

Binocular Building

El Bordello Alexandra

El Bordello Alexandra

There’s the picturesque Venice Canals.

There’s just so many stimulates there that I can’t even fit this post into one page.

Oh Alert Alert! I FOUND AN AWESOME SAUCE!!! … 10525940_10152585272258578_5885530669921810225_n

Ha! 😀

Of course, Venice Beach is also a museum of graffiti arts.




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  1. I used to live in Venice Beach, in my late teens and very early 20’s. It was pretty wild back then. Thanks for taking me back to that crazy and vibrant life. Also, great shot of the boarder.

    • The guy in the picture asked me if I was able to get good shots so I showed the images. I hope I did gave his stunts justice.
      Did you live in an awesome looking house? I see a lot of some beautiful and some cool looking houses in Venice.

      • I did. I had an upstairs apartment with a balcony in a wood frame building on Horizon Avenue. Never locked my door so I’d come home to a place full of neighborhood kids, all ages but mostly from working-class Latino families. We’d make food and it kept everyone out of trouble. It was a great time.

  2. I love beaches. Even far across the globe here, I have heard good things about venice beach. I may or may not eventually get there myself but thanks for letting me see bits of it…:)

  3. Nice shots.. I’m a big fan of the canals and still stop by the park in the canals. I wouldn’t mind trying out a drink at that Bank of Venice Ale House I’ve been driving past recently too.

    • Venice so says a lot what California is. I know the other states have their own artistic communities, but I saw it the most here in California.

    • You should’ve done it. 9 hours is a lot. That’s what a lot of people do, those who experienced the same. Oh well, blame it on me for posting this too late. 🙂

    • 🙂 If you don’t prefer the ‘beach’ part, there’s plenty more to go about… just like their own version Venice Canal, a resemblance to Italy’s.

  4. I would really love to visit Muscle Beach……..just kidding. I couldn’t make out if Muscle Beach and the Freak Show are one and the same. 😕 That Binocular building is rather awesome, and to have a house along the canal, must be the ultimate. Great post, Rommel.

    • 😆 Those big muscle men pumping up their iron do freak me out.
      What about those actual freak performers to be in the gym and lifting weights? Now there’s a thought. 🙂

  5. Only in Venice! Love the collection of photographs as it clearly describes what Venice is about! I have to make an effort to go there during the day. I’ve been in the area so many times but I always end up spending most of my time in the nearby areas that when I get to Venice it’s already dark…close to midnight to be exact because I’m already heading home! Hahahaha! I am definitely going to make Venice my first stop on my next visit in the area! Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

  6. I won’t get tired of seeing your California posts, Rommel. You have a great traveler’s spirit, and a profound love for your home state.

    Love the grafitti. One of these days, my wife and I have to get down there. Hopefully, we’ll run into you.

  7. I am coming back to view this one again – and I love how you catch raw shots – lie instead of just giving us freeman – you have him talking on the phone – just cool…
    and looks like a really cool place…

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