These photo rejects never saw the light of day …. Until today ….

This was taken somewhere in Spain. Silly me, when I was posting about Spain it felt just wasn’t enough for me.



This was actually uploaded as a Weekly Photo Challenge submission for Winter. It was never seen because it was a featured image. It was taken at a rest stop in Florence, Italy.



I saw this mural while driving on the way to The Bunny Museum. When I drove back, I had to find it, stop, and take a picture of it. For those who are acquainted, they can easily recognize that this is from Pasadena, California. That is because of all the roses.


I didn’t include it as Last Call photo because the main topic of that post was The Bunny Museum.



The above image was overshadowed by a better another picture. [Idelweiss, Germany]


This next one I was going to upload …


But I just forgot about it. 😛 😀 [Sea World in San Diego]


This next was from Hoover Dam.


I never get to post something about Hoover Dam. It’s collecting dusts in my Draft box. 🙂



The image above was from the post strips. Now, it’s the original picture. [Slab City, California]


This next was from a show (play) in Universal Studio.


I had a lot of Universal Studio images scattered on my blog but I never had a proper post entirely for Universal Studio.



The above image just never found a place in my Ryukyu Mura post.


The next one was supposed to be a part of my skive gallery.


I forgot about to include it. 😛 😀 [Big Sur, California]


1455186_10152068104338578_1520246522_nI took the above image from Shuri Castle in Okinawa. It didn’t make sense for me to include it to that post.


These were taken with the images I presented on my post, The Scientist. Most of the images on that post was taken closely.



These just didn’t belong because they’re wide images.


The below image was taken from Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa. I only posted about the giant whales….


… I haven’t gotten to compose another one about Churaumi Aquarium. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Yikes!


I couldn’t find this when I was posting about my unforgettable experience during the running of the bull in Jerez. We saw this on the road getting there.


It’s actually a shame that I didn’t include this photo, because this roadside view actually has some sort of significance to Andalusia region. Read it from one of my Featured Blog, Marianne of East of Malaga. <- Just click on the link of you’re interested.


From my Okinawa World post. It might be because that light on the left. Maybe it’s freaky enough to scare someone. 😀 (not likely the reason) I think maybe because there was just so much to show on that post.



This next one was one of my earliest shot of Ventura (my current state of residency). For a long time, I never released it.


… I don’t know why. Bwahahahaha 😆

etc was the name of my first blog. 😉




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  1. I am glad you finally did post these photos. A lot of good ones (not sure about the snake ;-). I am trying to figure out where you were when you took the photo of the Hoover Dam. On the bridge?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I can’t remember the exact location I took the Hoover Dam pic. Most likely from the bridge. I didn’t fully embrace the image. It feels like it could’ve been better. I just lucked out that it was a limosine that was passing by.

  2. What wonderful photos, Rommel. Each is really beautiful and very interesting. I was going to try to pick a favorite and I don’t think I can. Everyone was a favorite as I scrolled through. You have certainly experienced some wonderful travel!

  3. Well I’m glad you posted them now! It shows just how much you get around the world. My favourites are the red things in Okinawa and the lovely big pots.

      • Hahahaha! Too funny! I had to ask because I know a photographer who used to carry around a vintage piano while traveling around the country for his photography sessions. His photos are absolutely breathtaking so I’d say it’s worth the effort. 🙂

  4. I love this ‘hodge-podge’! 🙂 There are all kinds of things tucked away in my files that mean nothing to anyone but me, but I never have anything in my Drafts folder except my latest publication.
    3 favourites- don’t know why- the mural is wonderful, I kind of like the flamingo and that very colourful Chinese ‘misfit’ too.
    Hope your week is happy, etc 🙂

    • I actually don’t have it… but I did have tried to compose one about it about a couple of times. Thanks for your feedback, Jo.

  5. Time to empty that draft box Rommel .. we never made it to the Hoover Dam and I’ve always found the whole thing amazing after having seen a programme with vintage footage about the building of it .
    Snow in Florence never considered that ! Love the red crown hats?? in Okinawa
    Glad you had a poke around in your files … you’re not organising by any chance are you ?? I’ve been so bad re all that business and now it’s all a complete nightmare finding anything … Maybe no bad thing … just have to head out and get some fresh pictures . And file. And Tag . 😀

    • My files have no organization either. A lot of it are saved on my Facebook. Easy to see, just that I still have so many to browse through. Oh well, it’s nice to look back at old archives anyways.

  6. I am so glad you dusted them off and let them see the light of day. I particularly love the sunset shot, perhaps more so because I have not seen many of them lately.

    • Na-ah. 😀 AND there’s no picture of the bunnies. Ow, I did dream about it one night. 🙂 I dreamt that the house were all empty. 😉

  7. We take so many wonderful photos on all our adventures it is hard to share them all. This was a great idea. I enjoy looking t others photos so much. Thanks:)

    • Yup, that’s the idea. We are just selective which from an album of pictures to post. I tend to post too much that the others get overlooked, forgotten or just didn’t have a place to what I was trying to accomplish. I like this idea I had. I’m definitely going to do this post again in the not so near future.

  8. Bro, I’m glad you looked back and reviewed your archives. Each is a unique amazing journey, captured artistically, to be remembered and relived always. It is easy to miss awesome images from the thousands in our photo archives. At one point, we can only choose we thought were the best not realizing there were lots of gems scattered everywhere. Perhaps it’s sort if destiny way of telling us when the time comes this pictures will be ripe for the taking and when you see it for the second, it will tell you a story, perfect for that moment.

    • Substantial comment you gave, IT. Thank you. I always reserve some pictures for later use. I’m glad to finally release these ones.

    • The Hoover Dam is receiving quite a notice. I didn’t like it because the road is cut and the shadow is imbalanced. I guess the artistic effect still outweighs its flaws.

  9. I love your ‘etc’s’ Rommel. As usual you bring colour, artistry and fun! Some spiffing shots. Glad they now in the light of day! 🙂

    • Ah! Thanks for letting me know. Hihi. I only came in second during my round, but made it on the list. That is flattering considering the expertise of the other bloggers on the list.

  10. Your photos though unrelated, were very interesting. I like your Hoover Dam shot; I was there last Oct. and took pictures of the low water level in Lake Mead. I guess you have a yellow lawn and not too clean car, ring in your toilet, etc. I read about $500/day for wasting water! Take care,

    • You talking about the laws about not wasting water in California? I have no problem with that. At the very whisper that California is experience drought, I started to be so concern and mindful of my water consumption.

      • Good for you, Rommel! We all should be conservationists, using what we need, saving what we can, recycling and reusing and all that. We take too much for granted and will be in deep trouble when we deplete our natural resources.

    • The title took me a while to come up with it. I initially thought of titles like Rejects, Others, or Sophomoric. 🙂 I’m so glad when it finally clicked to my lightbulb. 🙂

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