Sea World in San Diego

Since the cat on the wire got the most mentions from my post strips post, I might as well bring it up.


And as promised, I made it as my current header photo.


When I was invited by the family I’ve known for a decade, I just couldn’t say no. They’ve been a great part of my independent life, and it’s just fun to go with them anywhere. πŸ™‚

I know some of you don’t approve Shamu ( rough reception on this post *wipes forehead* πŸ˜€ ) or animals used for profit, but I just want to share my experience and store memories through blogging it.

And hey, they voted for the cat on the wire, and that made me reconsider composing this post. Ha! πŸ˜€

I lost excitement and interest going to theme parks. But with kids along with us who were sure to be entertained, it’s easy to compromise. And I did enjoy some portions of Sea World San Diego.

One of my favorites are the flamingos…

It’s just fascinating to see how stretchy and bendy they are. Plus, they just look so pretty. πŸ˜€ … just the things you look for …….. er, nevermind … πŸ˜›


The kids enjoyed The Madagascar Show … The adults … not so much.

See, it’s not all real animals. Ha! πŸ™‚

They also have a Sea Lion show. I loved the otter.

And an overdramatic πŸ˜› Dolphin show.


The show that I know everyone enjoyed are the trained pets…

Pro or anti, my most favorite Sea World show is still Shamu…


Sea World shows maybe not be completely for my liking, and that some may raise eye brows about it, but how can I pass on the photo op and time with …

Last Call…

Not as super awesome as the capture of one of my Featured blogger, sixdegreephotography, but here’s my stab at capturing bubbles…


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  1. You’re very brave, posting the Shamu pics again. I loved my visit to Sea World, and I agree that good photo opportunities should never be wasted. πŸ™‚ Great bubble capture, Rommel.

  2. Never been anywhere like it and know it wouldn’t be my scene but you can’t help admire what they do. I love the photos of the cute little lad and the flamingoes πŸ™‚

  3. great shots, but I too wish they’d set all the animals free from all the zoos and ocean parks around the world, and instead pay to take your children to see them in the wild…. some are just so very cruel, I can’t go anymore either.

    • I see how you view it. It would good at all to set them “all” free although some zoos are actually saving them from extinction, from health and from human preys. That’s how I look the advantage I look at when it comes to zoos. I do think that a lot of the animals look sad in the cage. Zoos are like yay or nay type of deal.

      • yeah, and if WE would quit destroying their habitats we wouldn’t need to save them from extinction, but we just keep wiping out forests and savannah’s, just makes me sick to see them in cages like that, even Shamoo, who spends his entire life traveling 100’s of thousands of miles, just absolutely kills me how we can be so cruel. I think we need to make glass bubble subs and take children into the ocean… or scubadive, and of course, quit killing every tree we see! but that’s just me! I’m a serious treehugger!! πŸ™‚

  4. Great photos, Rommel! It has been so many years since I’ve been to Sea World and I live about 15 minutes away! But I, too, have such mixed emotions about animal parks and zoos. In some ways they’re doing so much good in preserving species from extinction and allowing most people to see creatures we would never otherwise be able to see in our lifetime. On the other hand, it breaks my heart to see anything caged. Like you, I love the flamingoes. Their colors are just so gorgeous! Have a great week! πŸ™‚

    • You hit it right there. It’s a hard to imagine a system where normal people can see these animals wandering in the wilds. It is a hard thing to balance.

  5. The cat is the star!! The flamingoes are such a vivid colour! Come to think of it I have never seen flamingoes in the wild, so that is one for the zoo/park πŸ™‚

  6. Must agree…the cat is truly the star, that is such a great shot. As for Sea World, this place has held a special place in my heart as it was one of the first true vacation spots that really amazed me ~ and I remember surprising my parents when at a restaurant I wanted the octopus. Anyway, these photos bring to me the smiles of kids, the trainers and truly great animals. Yes, it is sad for the animals to be captive…something I am glad I did not even think about as a kid, instead I just loved the experience.

  7. Hey, you were in my hometown! I haven’t been to Sea World in years and wasn’t tempted to go because the tickets are now so expensive. Good thing I got lucky last fall though when I volunteered for Clean Up San Diego and won 2 Sea World tickets from the raffle. Hehehehe! I guess I’ll be going soon too since the tickets are about to expire :D. I heard they have a new show. Did you get to see it? Love the flamingo shots by the way and that cat is a character! πŸ˜€

  8. Rommel – I am trying to read a few of your back posts – I may not get to them all πŸ™‚
    anyhow, this one caught my eye because of the flamingos – but your plug on appreciating children – just made me smile-
    oh and I was just reading a post about how Sea World is in fin. trouble:

    “SeaWorld profits have tanked since the film Blackfish exposed how wild Orcas are killed, captured, forced into small enclosed pools, deprived of natural feeding and social behaviors, and how they then sometimes live up to their “Killer Whale” moniker when they “turn” on their human trainers.

    Now SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison has been pushed down the food chain to Vice President, even as 300 workers have been laid off.

    SeaWorld is not admitting their financial difficulties are due to the black eye they have received from Blackfish, but everyone else seems able to connect the dots.

    SeaWorld’s biggest problem right now is that it does not seem to have a sound business model without Orcas and other ocean mammal acts (beluga whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, seals).

    When McDonald’s faced blow back from the movie “Super Size Me” and its exposΓ© of the negative health consequences of eating an all-jumbo McDonald’s diet all the time, that company had already launched an β€œEat Smart, Be Active” salads, fruits, and yogurt option, and it quickly did more to publicize that, while moving to phase out all “super sized” fries, drinks and meals.

    SeaWorld does not seem to have a similar option.

    A bigger tank for the Orcas is not going to cut the mustard, and everyone knows it. Orcas are used to swimming in pods of 5 to 50 animals over vast sections of ocean. No tank in the world can provide that.

    If Seaworld ditches the Orcas, will small white beluga whales and dolphin and sea lion acts be enough for people to drive long distances in order to plunk down jaw-dropping admissions fees?

    Probably not.

    A “Killer Whale” Act could compete (just barely) in the era of iPhones, NetFlix and 24-hour a day nature videos and news, but dolphins leaping through hoola hoops and seals that will clap and wave for a herring? Probably not.


  9. I was in San Diego from 2003 to 2005 working for Qualcomm and had the opportunity to visit Sea World a couple of times. San Diego was a lovely place to live in and I really loved the trails in and around the city, the favorite among them being Torry Pines. Now I live in Islamabad Pakistan and blog about my travels here.

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