Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere!!!

Went to The Hoppiest Place on Earth. Nope! That’s not misspelled. It’s not Disneyland. It’s The Bunny “Museum”.


I air-quote “museum” because it is pretty much a house. This house is owned by a couple, Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski.



If you decide to visit here …



Steve gave Candace a stuffed rabbit for Valentine’s Day of 1992. She then gave her “Honey Bunny” a porcelain bunny display. Since then, they started collecting the items after they began a tradition of giving each other new bunny gifts every day.


To date, for 22 years, they have collected (drum roll please) 30,000 bunny items!!!



Their house is stuffed with bunny-themed items. They are everywhere… everywhere!


Get ready for the picture overload post…

Stuff toys, globes, displays, pictures …

Even Energizer Bunny is there …


Let’s go to the kitchen ….

Cereal boxes :D, fridge magnets, plates, glasses, cups, cupcake maker, wines with bunny labels, Nesquik :D, clocks,

Their coffe-maker is Bunny …


The living room doesn’t look like a living room. The only things that distinguish it as a living room are the TV and the couch. Other than that, it is more like a closet full of bunny stuffed toys.


Of course, Bugs Bunny is not to be missed.


More … Pinyatas, bunny-related puzzles, etc …

They, of course, have real bunnies as pets.


My favorite is the garden. You can draw a bunny on the pavement of their backyard.








That’s a lot of bunnies to keep track of, and clean and dust. 😀 The Bunny Museum is located in Pasadena.

This is yet another one for my list of unique places in California.

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  1. OMG the only thing I can think of is someone didn’t get the memo – “Less is more”. Is that real bunny in their house with the food and excrement?? I would hate to have to clean. Interesting place but I think I would give that one a miss….

    • That’s passion for yah. 😀 When it comes to travel, “Less is more” is not my credo. I can see why this place is not for everybody. Thanks for the comment and visit, kazg10.

      • Yes Rommel agree when it comes to travel I cant get enough either. Great post BTW even though bunny heaven wasn’t my Nirvana!

  2. What a trip, and a greaet photo-essay of this place Rommel, the 7th photo is great ~ I think if I was visiting and saw this I would run away as quick as possible, seems like a set-up to a horror movie 🙂 However, it is a pretty interesting place and Bugs Bunny is my all-time favorite cartoon character 🙂 Well done.

    • They are happy to do it. But because of the expanding collection, they hired a helper cleaner that does it twice a month, I believe.

  3. Being more of a minimalist I don’t know what to say. I would not want to try to clean that house, way too many dust bunnies! 😉

    • OMG! That real bunny was scary. After all the fake bunnies, that real one was not moving. I was taken by surprise when it moved a little. I thought it’s a fake one. 😀

  4. What a curious and intriguing place! It seems that a lot of care and thought went into its creation. Your photos give a wonderful reflection of the sheer whimsy and sense of fun that permeate the place.

  5. I love bunnies but even I have my limits! They do have some cute bunnies for sure, including their live one but I’m afraid all I could think of was “who on earth cleans all that stuff?”! Oh, dear. It would be a fun and unique place to visit, though. Uh, but… well, Rommel, I didn’t see Harvey! Oh, wait, I forgot — not everyone could see him and Jimmy Stewart is no longer with us! 😆

    • Ahihihi … I had to google Harvey and Jimmy Stewart. 😀 I was looking for Velveteen Rabbit… then again, I couldn’t exactly remember or imagine in my head how the velveteen rabbit looks like.

  6. whooooooooa. reminds me a little bit of my aunt who collects stuffed pandas, though she’s not nearly this bad. I would call this “thematic hoarding” haha. It’s a shame there aren’t more REAL bunnies! All of the stuffed bunnies take up all the space.

  7. Oh my gosh! A bit overwhelming perhaps? I can’t imagine, but I think the idea is good…if you hoard something to an extreme, make it museum and open it to the public. All I can say is WOW! 🙂

    • Five dollars for “bunny money”. I know, I had to ask why do they have to coin it “bunny money”. 😀 Just like one of the commentator said, if you gonna go for the extreme, why not make a museum and money out of it.

  8. Thanks for the “like.” A pleasure to see you’re discovering recondite portions of LA, including the one-of-a-kind Bunny Museum. Went there on their biggest day of the year: Easter! Thanks for all the pix.

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