Huntington Library in San Marino, California

I finally got to Huntington Library! I had been wanting to come here for…like…ever after reading so many posts of Huntington Library from other blogs. Now I know why. I love it! The set-ups are beautifully well-arranged. There are acres of beautiful, beautiful sceneries. You don’t have to have a sharp nose to smell the fragrance in the air. And the feeling of being there is just so much more to it than what the pictures can do justice.

I took advantage of our half-day Friday last week. I was contemplating of whether to go or not. The problem with driving in LA in the afternoon and with the weekend coming is that I have to deal with traffic. But after work week then putting up with the hustle and bustle of this city, it’s a good thing that Huntington (air-quote) Library gives that pause I needed.

huntington library11


huntington library18


huntington library13


huntington library10


huntington library4

I actually got there with only one and a half before it closes. When I found out they have a Japanese Garden, I immediately knew just where to squeeze my time exploring. That is, me having already been to Okinawa, Japan.

huntington library14


huntington library6


huntington library8


huntington library15

I love it! I even got extra giddy when I saw these shisa.

Learn more about shisa here – Shisa, Shisa, Shisa Everywhere.

It’s so neat to be able to visit Japan in California.

You probably should have noticed it by now. Huntington Library really is so much more than just a library. The entire property showcahses library, art museums, and botanical gardens which include Japanese Garden, Jungle Garden, Chinese Garden, Rose Garden, Palm Garden, ( breathe 😀 ) Shakespeare Garden, Australian Garden, Desert Garden, Children’s Garden and Subtropical Garden ( now exhale 😀 ).

huntington library20


huntington library21


huntington library2


huntington library17

It blows that they are only open til 4:30 pm. I dreaded the traffic coming back especially with a Friday night approaching. But Wallah! Thank goodness I dodged the traffic. When I went to Santa Paula, I found a more scenic and a lot less stressful road. 😀

I didn’t get to a lot of the gardens I mentioned above. But no sweat. That only gives me one more reason to come back. 😛 😀


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  1. Well, that is just beeeautiful!! And your photos are so good! I wish you had had more time there, but definitely worth the drive. Woooweee. I didn’t even see a single book. 🙂

  2. My parents used to live in Pasadena, I used to love too visit the Library and gardens. The traffic was bad then… So sorry you didn’t spend much time there at all after flighting the LA traffic, but close at 4:30 pm 😕 This is the most beautiful post of the Huntington Library that I have ever seen. Enjoy seeing these gorgeous flower photos in the early morning!

    • Their hours are awful. They are open at noon and closes at 4:30 pm. No morning gander, no golden hour viewing. Pffft. But it is awesome there.

  3. What a beautiful place – and such a pity that it closes so early. It is definitely a place where you could spend the entire day.

    • Yes, I agree. You cannot miss the cacti and such. Truly amazing ones are in that garden. Ooooo, the artist in me wants to go back and just look and breathe!

  4. We plan to be in So. Cal later this year so I am adding this place to the list of must-see places. Your photos are just beautiful! 🙂

  5. Your photos are great and well-chosen to illustrate specific moods. My ex and I spent many a day at the Huntington Library. It was a favorite spot for play and reflection.

  6. I love this place. We took a church group of ‘Seasoned Seniors’ there years ago. I’m adding it to my list for the next So. Cal visit.
    You mentioned once that you didn’t like the new emoticons on WP, that they were too flat looking. I think I see what you meant. But, unless I comment from an outside app, they’re all I have to work with. I do like the 🌯

  7. I read the title of the post ‘Huntington Library’ and got a complete surprise when I scrolled down … thought you were on holiday in Japan! What a neat place. I love the gardens and can almost smell those flowers!

  8. Wow, Rommel, is this actually a book library? What amazing grounds. If I ever get back to California, this is a definite MUST! Your photos are absolutely amazing (as usual)! 🙂

  9. This place is awesome! Don’t forget to check out their special exhibitions when you visit. Ooooo, that is one of my favorite L.A. places. San Marino rocks!

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