East Jesus | Yard of Imagination

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Don’t spoil the fun. Don’t scroll down the pictures immediately.

I once entered a completely remote, isolated, exotic and magical world.

I followed not black but colored tire wheels leading to a yard of imagination.

A wondrous land where time sits still.

The gate is continuously a work in progress. There is no barrier. No door. No need for a key. No secret password. The setting is odd but inviting. Every one is welcome. If you look up the archway, the wheels are turning.

The main house has eyes, but it doesn’t pry nor judge. You can do anything here. But the house sees as if nothing ever happens. The flowers in front of it never die all year round.

One service car is a multitaskoid. It has a propeller in front so no gas required to be filled. It flies and can take you far as you wish. The driver is a friendly robot always waving its hand at his passengers.

There’s a wall filled with different-colored bottles with only the bottle necks that stick out. You can peek at the bottles. Each bottle peepholes offer different views.

There, the dolphin farts are more toxic then the car exhaust, cigarette, and coal fired power plant COMBINED!.

A lamp collects natural light at day time so it can lit the entire yard up when the night comes.

There’s a community of jury ducks. They hold conference discussing big decisions of progress and maintenance of the area.

A restaurant in the middle serves tacos, burritos, tortas, hamburgers, hot dogs, tostadas, enchiladas and quezadillas. On Saturday and Sunday, they serve special rico menudo. The food will never fill you up and only endlessly satisfy your taste buds. There’s lot of delicious food but no cook inside.

I thought the whole yard was quiet. My eyes seem to be the active sense that I didn’t hear music until I got to a rocking triangular barn. It is mainly made of computer chips.

There’s a playground where you can not only just play cards but also play music and party with uncorkable corks.

A headless woman showered herself with colors.

A red decorative loco van is parked that is used for Quality Control. A swarm of insects holds the van together. I think it might explode when things go horribly wrong.

I saw two blue-legged women entered a car through the roof.

A lonely, depleted-looking man sits in front of a house. But once you get closer and approach him, he smiles from ear to ear.

A guard with a gun, long tail, and a monitor head keeps the peace in the yard.

When I left the yard, I walked a little bit outside and I suddenly shrank into a pea size without even realizing it. I entered a place called Tin Can City.

These are not fantasy. These are real.

Enter the yard of imagination …

tire wheels leading to yard of imagination

tire wheels leading to yard of imagination

time stands still

time stands still

work in progress gate

work in progress gate, no key, everyone is invited

house with eyes but does not judge

house with eyes but does not judge, nothing ever happens

no gas required, it flies and can take you far

multitaskoid, no gas required, it flies and can take you far

each bottle offers different views

each bottle offers different views

dolphin farts are more toxic

dolphin farts are more toxic


lamp collecting natural night to lit the yard at night

jury ducks

jury ducks

lots of food that will never fill you up but only satisfy your tastebuds, no cook inside

lots of food that will never fill you up but only satisfy your taste buds, no cook inside

rocking barn made of computer chips

rocking barn made of computer chips

rocking barn made with computer chips

rocking barn made with computer chips



woman showered with colors

woman showered with colors

quality control van

quality control van

insects holding the van together

insects holding the van together

it might explodes when things go wrong

it might explodes when things go wrong

blue-legged women entering the car through the roof

blue-legged women entering the car through the roof

man in front of a house

man in front of a house

robot guard with a monitor head

guard with a monitor head

can city

tin can city

… And like most, all good things must come to end. As I left East Jesus, I was reminded to snap back to reality …

danger reality ahead

danger reality ahead


East Jesus is an experimental, habitable, extensible artwork in progress since 2006 begun by the late Charles Stephen Russell in Slab City, California.

Since it is hard to enter address or anything on your GPS…
Directions to East Jesus: It is in Slab City in Imperial County, California, southeast of Salton Sea. From Salvation Mountain continue the road from where you were about a mile out. You will hit a T. Take a left. You will see signs such as East Jesus and Sidewinder Road. Take that road and follow the colored tires.

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  1. Fascinating. I made a trek out to a place called “Thunder Mountain” in Nevada. It was so creepy that I didn’t get out of the car. This place looks a little more friendly. Nice photos and I’m glad I read the story first. I didn’t cheat.

    • That’s what I like to here. I googled Thunder Mountain. Whoa! It looks like a cross between East Jesus and Watts Towers. Nice! I don’t why it’s creepy though. It’s definitely like this one, unusual places I always love to go to.

      • The “caretaker” had a camper on site and there was just a super creepy (chop your whole family into bits) air about the place. The art might have been interesting to photograph but, even with my 6’5 husband I tow, I was not getting out to test my luck.

        • I see what you mean now. Glad to know it’s not the art that scared you.

          I was scared of my life when I went to this back side of Salvation Mountain where there are some graffiti. There are (I believe homeless) people who were just staying there. I was nervous. I still kept doing my own business and continued taking pictures of the graffiti.

          Same thing also when I walked a street in LA when I went to Watts Tower. It just feels like a notorious neighborhood.

          Sorry for all the prejudice… but yeah … I still continued despite my fear.

          • I understand. There are some interesting places here out in the desert but sometimes the free spirits and artists choose isolation on purpose. There is another installation further south called The International Church of the Car Forest. It looks fascinating as well but is on private property and I don’t think I will go there unless with an organized group or something for the same reasons. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Only you could come up with a post likes this Rommel! That place is definitely born of someone with an overactive and crazy imagination. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this. πŸ™‚

    • Ahihihi πŸ˜€ Their website is actually cool. They have videos that I watched. East Jesus is really off the grid. That’s why I included directions on how to get there.

    • πŸ˜€ I was thinking about whether driving there is worth the visit or not. It’s all fascinating, cool and awesomely different, but it is a bit of a drive from the main cities.

    • Yeah it’s true, it’s apocalyptic, a bit graphic with all the skeletons, insects, old toys, broken rusty things, headless mannequins…. but I love it. πŸ™‚

  3. Only the very unique tend to live out there in the first place, but I think this must be the most unique I’ve yet seen. I love the bevy of legs! There’s lots of land out there…just think what another year or two will offer! πŸ™‚ Very, very cool!

    • A junk art landfill, can you imagine! I see a lot of establishments there (in Niland) that are emptied out. 😦 East Jesus is continually changing. I think they only keep the ones from the original creator, Charles Russell.

    • I can see why. It certainly, with no doubt, a very interesting place – the geography, the people and their livelihood. I don’t really read a lot about it so it still leaves me wondering how it is. Thanks, Lu. Safe and happy trips always.

  4. Great post πŸ™‚ I loved that you separated the captions from the photos at the top of the post – my mind was going crazy trying to imagine all of those things! And then I saw the photos, and thought, “Oh, that kind of makes sense now.” It’s always great when people are capable of seeing and making treasure out of trash. Cheers!

    • Another man’s trash is another man’s art installation. πŸ˜€
      Thanks for reading it the way I intended it to come out. πŸ˜‰ That was just the way I was when I visited the place, wondering.

    • Sad, I know. Even imagining more things he could be adding to his museum. He left a legacy though. And such a neat thing that he left a name for himself for everyone to recognize.

  5. Well … you certainly woke me up this morning Rommel with this one πŸ˜‰
    Crazy imagination that one can only admire … and wonder what could fuel such artwork ….
    Your intro was a *perfect build up …
    … must go back and look through it again ….. and try and make some sense … LOL

    • It worked!
      Slab City is a whole different world. It’s deserted and junky, not just literally. It definitely is a great setting for outdoor art installation such as this. Thanks for reading, poppy.

  6. I got lost in your imagineering, Rommel, so when the photos came I’d almost forgotten about them. I loved your prose! I wanted to peek in those bottles and you know I could use that multi-flying menace to take me somewhere πŸ™‚ Many thanks for an enthralling read.

    • The multitaskoid will give you a hard kick. It zooms at first so you have to hold on tight. But it’s beautiful once you’re in the air. πŸ˜€

  7. Really interesting. I especially liked the buildings. I was reminded of this rock garden that was constructed on the coast of Staten Island. A man worked on it for 12 years and then the EPA tore it down. They said it compromised the coast line, although there was nothing there before along the coast line except for rocks and trash. I wrote a post about it on W.

  8. Woaahhh…This CANNOT be real !!! Where am I ?? On Mars?
    This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Rommel !!! The contrast of colors and creativity is mind blowing. Hats off to you for discovering this place ! ^_^
    P.S Thank You So much for featuring my blog. Is it for real? Am I dreaming or what? I’m honored ! Thanks a bunch !!!
    Also Really sorry for late response, I got caught up in my tiring routine ! 😦
    Hope you are doing good.
    Love, Zee ❀

  9. a real treat for the imagination, Rommel. glad your adventurous spirit led you there and you generously shared your thoughts here. maybe i missed it in your post but is there a caretaker(s) for this place or it just exists?

  10. Pretty awesome stuff. I loved the gate and the ‘gabled’ pile but the ducks…I found that disturbing. I’d love to let my friends do stuff like this in my yard but the neighbors, and the city, would have a fit.

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