Memory Monday: Sushi, or Giving Chances

*All images are taken with Samsung S3 except for Last Call.

Other than recalling eating different kinds of sushi in Okinawa, Japan, I also want to talk about giving things another shot.

At first taste, I didn’t like wine. When I got to Italy, I tried some of their great tasting wine and now I love it. Same thing with dates, beets, Jagermeister ;), brocolli :D, and really a lot of things of those I tried eating for the first time. It’s not that I got weirded out eating sushi, the taste just didn’t appeal me at first. There’s a restaurant called Sakura in Mississippi that completely changed my perception of sushi. They have a bento box that includes small pieces of sushi. After that, I have gotten quite an acquired taste for sushi.

I love sushi. Though to me, it gets expensive for food that doesn’t really fill me up after eating. In Japan however, they have cheaper price for sushi. Not only I got some spare change, I also got the authenticity so I was chowing away with sushi and ramen when I was in Okinawa.

I brought this up before on my Food and Travel (Part II) post. When I first ordered sushi in Okinawa, I was expecting to get the usual traditional sushi roll. Instead, they served me this …


… A slab of raw fish on top of the rice part. It was a challenge for me to eat the whole set because it is hard for me to eat raw fish. Even given that I loathe wasting food, I still shamefully didn’t finish that plate.

Although… I enjoyed it after few more tries. 😀 What converted me from nigiri-sushi virgin to a nigiri-sushi lover is this sushi go-round place …


I gooooooogled it in the internet a lot of times but I really can’t figure out the name of the place. It is leading me to believe that this place really is amply and simply called “Sushi Go-round”. 😀 This is in American Village.

Such neat idea. They make the sushi, put it on the carousel, and customers get to see to pick what they want from their selections of sushi. Plus, it also gives you variety instead of just one type of sushi in one plate like the ones in almost all sushi places in the US.


They also have fish egg sushi. Not for me.


Most plates have two sushi of one kind. The sushi there are smaller than the first picture up top. I think I walked away the most with 9 plates. My friend loves eating sushi that I think he had 13 plates (so that’s actually 26) in one sitting.

Moving on…

Of course, I also just want to bring back my experience when I ate a blowfish in the form of sushi.


You can read my post all about the danger and “ethical dilemma” of eating blowfish here – To eat, or not to eat blowfish, that is the question.


I also love this display I brought back with me here in the US.


He bobs his head continuously and his hand also moves continually tapping the sushi. I used to place it on my office desk so when I want my mind to drift off during work, I just look at it. 😉 It’s a cool display.


You see, you shouldn’t really go off of your first tries. You should give things a second or third or so on chances as long as you finally had enough attempts before setting on a conclusion. You should allow them another shot. You should give people chances. People who get discreditted are better when they seek redemption. And they get even much much the best when they did find redemption and once they recovered.

Last week, I finally talked to a dear old friend that I ignored for such a long time because of issues we had. 😉

Last Call…

Some of you may remember this sushi master from my black and white post titled Blaque.


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  1. Great post. I love sushi, but I’ve only been once to a sushi go-round type of place. That was fun, but could be very expensive because it’s so much fun. Did you see our post about sushi made from dryer lint? It’s not something you should try to eat! ~SueBee

    • Sushi go-round definite gives sushi dining a different “spin”. 😉 And yes, you might find yourself with stack of plates that will make your wallet thin. Dryer lint sushi?, that really is something else.

  2. Me also. I used to dislike wasabi so I didn’t like Sushi. However, I’ve changed my mind forever after eating one meal of sushi in Nagoya where I visited my brother. That meal changed my life forever. Now I like wasabi and I love sushi. Yes, so I agree with your comment on the fact that we should give something more than one try.

  3. “If you knew Sushi, Like I know Sushi . . .” 😛
    Ick! I don’t like sushi, in fact I don’t like anything that comes out of water (or swims in their own toilet) and I have tried fish more than once! But I love you photos and looks like you had a great time!

  4. I just can’t acquire the taste for Sushi…..have tried several times. I like my food hot. You’re photos do make it look yummy though 🙂

  5. Wow, That must have been one hell of an experience ! Raw meat is not my thing either. I mean its RAW!!! :/
    But cheers to trying new things though and great photos ! 😉

  6. OMG mouth-watering sushi! What have you done to me? I’m a slobbering mess! So, if I want it cheaper, I just have to hop a flight to Japan and then I won’t be able to finish it all. Got it! Of course, there is a decent all-you-can-eat buffet here called Tokyo One. Mmmmm! I’d rather go to Japan though. 🙂

  7. I had the same experience with sushi. Aside from “fake” sushi, like California rules, I couldn’t really get it…but like you, I kept trying and now I can’t get enough!! It’s really an acquired taste. I’m not sure if I know anyone that loved it from first bite. We have a great conveyer belt sushi place here too – just $1 per plate. Can you believe the price!?!

    • I was wondering about that when I made the post. The one you said about instantly not liking sushi with one bite maybe true.
      There is a dollar per plate sushi conveyer in Okinawa as well. Sushi carousels are sushi heaven for sushi lovers. 😀

  8. I absolutely adore sushi but have to agree it can get very pricey. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance, on this I also agree. So glad to hear you reconnected with a dear friend who you had lost contact with.

    • Yeah, I do that some times, ignoring someone forever. It’s just that I always go for close relationship. So when something breaks, I find it hard to make the effort to even fix it.

      • I had to do that with a sibling recently. I have been trying to get her to reconnect (she was kind of a lost soul) and finally put the ball in her court one last time and told her I would respect her decision, and she decided that a visit was in order. That was many years in the coming. 🙂

        • Same with me and my brother. We talk but we will always still have that silence between us because of years of having issues when we were young. Glad you had yours patched. Way to be the bigger person.

    • I didn’t intend to make this post because 2/3 of it, I already discussed before. But because I thought of that parallel about giving chances, I decided to revisit. 😉 Thanks for reading, Linda.

  9. As a lover of sushi I envy you had an opportunity to taste the real Japanese one. The first picture showing that their sushi had a bigger portion of fish on it. Your story and experience are amazing. Love it.

  10. Well, I think after reading this I need to remember to “never say never.” It appears you changed your mind, so maybe someday I’ll have what it takes. I’m the only holdout in my family. Everyone else enjoys sushi and haven’t been able to do it. I think I would do better with the small pieces you describe in the Mississippi Bento box. I’ll give that some thought. 🙂

    • Reading the comments, it seems like they are plenty of people who don’t eat sushi. I find it surprising. Never say never. Always hope, always dream. 😉

  11. Great post! When were you on Okinawa? I was there from 1994 to 2010. I ran the news bureau for Stars and Stripes and often ate at that Sushi place in American Village. We also ran weekly poetry Open Mic nights on Gate Two Street in Okinawa City.

  12. I’m so glad you came around to sushi, because it is delicious!! And I prefer those big slabs of raw sashimi insted of sushi rolls with avocado and other stuff. But as for foods that I used to hate and now love, the list is endless… mushrooms, beets, asparagus, coffee, etc.

  13. love your cute desk ornament! 🙂 and my first encounter with the fish egg sushi looked scary but as you mention, trying it more than once helps. the seaweed part around some sushi makes it tasty. i enjoyed your reflection on giving second or more chances – so true. 🙂

  14. I agree with you- in theory! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle that raw plateful though 😦
    I’ve only tried it once, in the Algarve, and that was on an ‘eat as much as you can’ buffet so there was quite a lot of variety. Having said that, I didn’t find that the ‘taste’ varied much. It seemed to be more about the fierce sauce you dipped it in. I wouldn’t write it off but I’m pretty sure it’ll never be my first choice.
    My husband is a different story. He wouldn’t try French Onion soup in Paris because he’d had it once, somewhere years ago, and it was ‘awful’. 🙂 Definitely second chances for people though. Life’s too short!

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