Test your TV Knowledge: TV Out of the Box


One of the awesome things of being in California is the opportunity to experience stars and glamours. That’s it, the entertainment media. I have never really exploited it nor have shown much of it throughout this blog. Well now, I am enthusiastic to present to you a minute museum that showcases props and costumes seen from WB TV shows.

Here’s what we do. I won’t put any caption and just let you see if you recognize any of the paraphernalia and clothings they exbihit in Paley Center of Media.

This next one, I’m sure Jo Bryant of Chronicles of Illusions will be pleased to see …


My favorite is their set pieces of the sitcom FRIENDS. WEEE!!! I get to see Central Perk!

If you’re a big fan of the show, see if you can remember which episodes these appeared in.

The outfits …

Paley Center for Media is located in Rodeo Dr. where you can also visit California’s version of Rome’s Spanish Footstep. Look for free one-hour parking around the area. The entrance to the museum is $10. It is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.

How did you do at the TV knowledge? Did you get bamboozled?

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  1. super epic fail. TV watching flew out the window long ago and never bothered to return. some bird, huh?
    but you put together a great mini tour. thanks!

  2. Part of me wishes we could have seen Bamboozled as a game show, because it sounds amazing! Fun post! Next time I am home I may do that with the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

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