The ideal world is painted with rainbow colors. The sun, the moon and the stars are all aligned when everyone conforms to the godliness guidebook. In the actual world, hmmm … not so much. It’s a matter of who dresses themselves beautifully or cover their own colors. If you act against the book of etiquette, the society will think of you differently. A crazy or a criminal, maybe.

You know how I look at the big picture.



I think that everything has its good and bad, as in every little single thing. That no matter how holy and glorified something appears to be or really is, you will always find a flaw to it. That or you just fail to see it or you dismissed to look at it in a different angle or light.


Take for example happiness. I think that happiness is the most selfish thing ever, of all time, and in the whole wide world. Happiness knows how to forget everything else. Pardon to be so bold but no matter how you sugarcoat your disagreement, in all calculation, I think it’s greedy, it’s insensitive, and it’s just so self-centered.


It then boils down to everyone’s perspective. What if someone deprives a kid a candy because he/she thinks its not beneficial but harmful? My example might be so vile, but I hope you get the point. Go ahead and ponder.

You know how I look at the big picture.


Everything in moderation. That answers a lot of things. But, balance is something that we all struggle on. We all have a choice, and that we all listen to our inner self. We tip-toe, we juggle, we find what really is worth. We sacrifice one thing for another.

Now, who are we to judge?


Lay down something in front of me and I will look what’s underneath it. I believe that there is a flip-side to everything. And that it’s a matter of the individual’s way of thinking. You can influence, advise, or inspire but a person will follow what is rooted inside that person. Behavior, upbringing, belief, preference, personality, prerogative, etc. People are people. We are who we are. We are judges, and are bound to be judged. Balance is the key. If you go over or under, well then … you’re screwed 😀 .

It’s up to you to UNDERSTAND another person whether he/she is “crazy”, a “criminal”, or “normal” just like everyone else.


Here’s to a blog that will blow your mind…


If you want to decipher more on the way we, humans, operate, here is Shakti Ghosal to analyze things with you. Shakti doesn’t just look at things in one side. ESGEE musings makes it interesting. It is a blog loaded with intellects, opinions and engaging discussions. A thought-provoking blog, it encourages you to think, to look beyond what seems, all leading to better understanding. My favoriteS – What If…….. and Success….. Vision or Delusion?


All images are taken from Half Moon Bay, and have nothing to do with the point of view.

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  1. Everything in moderation. Well noted. I’m actually one of those guys who think happiness is one’s ultimate goal in life. hays…

    And definitely great shots! 🙂

    • If you re-read what you just commented, you can tell that you justified what I just said here. 😀
      There is this quote I stumbled upon …. er … need to find it … Aristotle called happiness “the desire behind all other desires.”

  2. Profound 🙂
    I agree with you of course. I never accept things at face value myself, and am considered a rebel most times. Not always a good thing in a conservative society, but we are who we are right? 🙂 And that balance……still searching, but the boat gets much steadier with every passing year!

  3. GORgous shots…and I think true happiness only comes from giving. all other is just temporary fulfillment of desires.

  4. Those people in society that others see as crazy, bad or just plain weird are usually just very unhappy and troubled. If enough people show them consistent love and care, most will not be able to resist change.
    Your photos are wonderful dear Rommel 🙂

    • Hmmm … didn’t think of that when I was writing this. I also believe that people always acts base on whatever is presented to them, and that things are often circumstantial whether it be instinct, impulse, gut feeling, urge, etc. And of course, the society designs however we have to behave.

  5. Balance, moderation, change… is such a long journey. Yep, the awareness is the first step. Stunning gorgeous shots along with your profound thoughts, Wow!

    • Thank you for agreeing. A lot probably is taken aback with what I said, but really, I say so. Thanks for the feedback and visit. Greatly appreciated that.

  6. I particularly love the sunset photos, Rommel. They are gorgeous. I also really agree with you about both balance and attempting to understand where others are coming from. I don’t think many things are simple. There is a complexity that makes us equally human and distinctly unique. Very thoughtful post. Good for me to read as a new week begins…lots of people contact. 🙂

  7. Wow, these are so gorgeous, Rommel. I love those sunsets. Everything in moderation is one of my most important beliefs. You can definitely have too much of a good thing. 🙂

    • Gorgeous, they are. 😀 I use the first picture as my FB header now.
      Imbalance is a scary thing to wander, and a hard one to get out of fo’ sure.

  8. i was doing fine, reading and comprehending and then, PELICAN!! God really did a fine job making that bird species is all i have to say and i agree with your thoughts. somehow i like to believe we are all one in a big divine way though in our tiny human mind, we like to think we are the only ONE.
    to be empathetic…is a hard road to travel… but so necessary. well done, Rommel. ❤

    • I knew it! I knew that darn pelican is a distraction. I didn’t know where to place that darn pelican. I really should had put it last. I swear, I was switching around the pictures plenty of times because of that pelican. That pelican is your kind – a distraction. 😀 Just kidding, Sunshine. I love it when you interrupt me. 😉

  9. Bro, indeed this images hits the eye with a BAM! Spectacular display of colors, seascape and life forms. Sort of a beautiful, peaceful escape from the chaos around us. Thanks for sharing a peace of heaven today!

  10. It’s all about perspective… I agree! Until we walk in another person’s shoes, we cannot speak for or judge them because we never know what’s going on with folk…. The dress is one thing, beneath it is another. I love your post Rommel.

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