Roadside Spectacle: Windmills in Palm Springs

Enough of super post! I’m back to regular programming.

I now just realized that I haven’t been really witnessed artificial roadside spectacles as much as I thought I had. I think the roundabout circling Arche de Triomphe in Paris and driving through The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco are neck to neck. I’m also reminded of the many sculptures and statues in between roundabouts in Spain. The bull sign en route to Jerez is also in mind. However, I think all these have just been replaced last month by these…


I know they are just windmills, but they truly are so spectacular to look at!


Driving on the road with these windmills, it was as if I am being transported to a parallel universe. Frankly, this is one of the cases where pictures are just not enough to describe how magnificent they really are. Either that or I am just overjoyed. Seriously, I was in great awe looking at all these windmills from my car window.


Part of the wow effect is their number …Uhm… There are just so many windmills. Another part is probably because I was jealous of the people in the Philippines who had witnessed windmills in Ilocos.


Apparently, these giant fans are not just for beatification purpose nor to shoo away annoying tourists like me. They are actually erected as alternative source for energy. You can coin me on that, or perhaps you fancy a Windmill Tour to make sure I’m reliable.


As you can tell, I drove back and forth, and pull over off track plenty of times. I was already thinking, Palm Springs is really shapened up to be a good travel destination. More of that of course… *wink*


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I can’t believe I didn’t find any quote that I can use for my 200th post from Free Penny Press. She is such an excellent writer! I have been itching to feature her blog for so long that now, I don’t even care that this post is in no corelation to hers. Other than her eloquence, Lynne is now also focusing on a big picture – that’s it! Photography. Laugh, cry, be entertained, be informed of her solid reliable reviews and be inspired by Free Penny Press. My favorite post, a testament to what I just said – Combat Boots & Gas.

So, what is everyone’s favorite man-made roadside spectacles?

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    • Another Star Wars reference to my post 😀 ! They weren’t that loud. I don’t about getting close, there were fences all around these windmills.

  1. My fav roadside spectacle was the “south of the border” adverts going down the I95 in the US. As a kid they had me zipped up and sold…I wanted to see that place soooo badly. Course it was a complete disappointment when we finally talked Dad into going one year…but it still remains my fav.

  2. I gotta say….those windmills do it for me too! There is something mysterious and other-wordly about them. Excellent photos. I love how you got the silhouettes at sunset. Nice!

    • These windmills really do it for me. I think they really have became my most favorite man-made road view. I’m glad I caught them in time, because it rained that night and the following day.

  3. I wonder if the power they generate would be sufficient to light up Las Vegas for a night 😉 They are huge I know, but those massive mountains in the background dwarf them in scale .
    My favourites manmade roadside spectacle can be seen from the M5 in Somerset UK …. it was having some repair work last year but this is it …

  4. Great capture. Yeah, those are amazing wind mills and was enthralled when we passed by there. We used to live near Altamont Pass in Tracy where there are also hundreds of windmills but these in Palm Springs overshadowed them. Hope you take that tram ride to the mountains for some spectacular views.

  5. I also am enthralled by these windmills. Being very sustainability-minded, I love the idea of using these for an alternative energy source. I know this is a controversial issue and many think otherwise, but I find them to be beautiful. Great post Rommel.

  6. They are awesome. I saw some areas in Upstate in New York with a lot of windmills too – seems like they are common in the area. They do provide electricity to the communities nearby. What a wonderful source of power.

    • I swera I envied a friend of mine when she posted her pictures of windmills in Ilocos. I wanted to see a plethora of windmills so badly, and I was not expecting it to be in Palm Springs. Good thing, I would’ve dash to New York just to see windmills. 😀

      • Let not the windmills of California stop you from visiting upstate NY. It has a lot of scenery to offer and it is just a stone’s throw away from Quebec. 😉

  7. Wow, I would say windmills would definitely win the most favorite man-made spectacle!! We only have billboards but your windmills and the images you got are spectacular…especially the second photo with the angle you took it at and the clouds…love it. ❤
    thanks for sharing free penny press …i enjoyed the visit.

  8. Love these windmill shots.. you have a great eye my friend!!
    PS-Thanks so much for the shout out & link up.. you flatter my words 🙂

  9. I’ve heard of the same windmills in Ilocos, I also wish I could visit and see them up close. Well, I also remember people owning wind mills in the Netherlands and visiting them every now and then, it’s really possible to own a windmill. 😀

    • Hmmmm …. Maybe I’ll have a windmill-shaped wind vane. 😀 I’ve been to Ilocos. I just didn’t know about it then. I would’ve come a-running.

  10. I love Palm Springs. My second favorite California city. Next time you’re over there, head down to Palm Desert and take Highway 74 (Pines to Palms Highway) a few miles into the mountains. The scenery is spectacular, especially from all the vista points overlooking the valley.

  11. Love these photos. I love seeing the world, even if only remotely. Just wonderful.

    Hey, came by to say Merry Christmas. Thanks for being interested in the story of my son & me. I do plan it to be a book then a movie (!) which I will try & manage before I die!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas, N’n

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