Flashback Friday

Bohol, Philippines

Our city tour of Bohol was kind of like a tuck and roll act. YES, just like what robbers do – quickly get out of the car while donning their hoods (without tripping), purposely do their clockwork mission, hop back to the car and put the pedal to the metal while constantly looking back to see if they’re being followed. NO! Me and my girlfriend, Edith, didn’t performed such Bonnie & Clyde acts, but the kind of traveling we did was not the most ethical. We would pull over, wander around, take pictures and return back to the car, ready to roll again to the next.

It’s just that there’s plenty of destination stops that we, I mostly, didn’t want to miss. I would talk to our driver in trying to pursue on hitting the best that we can cover. We, I mostly, were overtly demanding especially we added the zip-lining to our tour. You can read my Edith’s side of story on how she conquered her fear of heights … here.

We zipped by a rope above Loboc River. We also ate our late lunch on a Floating Restaurant navigating through that river.

The Floating Restaurant took a stop…

…to watch a traditional folk dance called “Kuradang”. It started with a welcome greeting of a children choir. Then it continued with pairs of male and female, portraying courtship and wedding through this interpretive dance. It ended with an altogether ensemble Thank You finish.

I really like this part of the tour. They also performed the Philippine national dance called “Tinikling”, an acrobatic dance of skipping between two bamboo sticks.

The first picture above is Chocolate Hills. It makes a visit to Bohol, Philippine an automatic MUST. Together with tarsiers, both signifies Philippine tourism so much. Tarsiers are small animals with big eyes. Philippine Tarsier Foundation saves their dropping population as they can only be found in four Southern Eastern countries.

I can tell my girlfriend particularly liked the Butterfly Garden and the Bee Farm.

I suggest trying the BUZZZ Ice Cream. *grin*

You see that’s a lot of activities, sights and senses to do in a day. We started early in the morning …

…and finished at night.

This is our Day 2. Our Day 1 includes a church, exotic animals, a beach and an underground cave. Our third day is a Sea Tour in Balicasag Island, Dolphin Watching and Virgin Island. Hope you can understand now how we did it the tuck and roll style. It’s not like we didn’t stop and smelled the flowers. The picture below is a man-made forest.

With me, I have no problem with the exhaustion. My girlfriend, Edith, she surprised me in dealing with me, for enduring her challenge of going through her ziplining adventure, and catching up with the speed of travel engine I’m always prepared for. I extra love her for it.

Last Calls…



I’ve only been following this blog for about a month. I just can’t resist. It isn’t just because we have a lot of common, esp. Italy. A post after another, I get more and more impressed with her travel destination posts. Do check her Italy posts, her 7 Super Shots entry,  and her submission to Travel Challenge: Leading Lines. A visit to her blog is A Day in Paradise.


I feel the need to squeeze these …our food.

By the way, I want to thank all who viewed my post on Balicasag Island, that post has never left my Top Posts.

This post is part of Flashback Friday.

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    • Went to your blg and wanted to make a comment. Its asking me to provide info. Then when i did, it asked me for my email password. Just saying, too much to do just to comment. Just so,ething to ponder.
      Thanks for the visit. You have a very nice blog.

  1. Beautiful beautiful photos. Bohol is so well recommended.
    Have you tried Batanes yet? Friends who have been there say that it is quite the paradise.

  2. I’ve been in Bohol, last year. Same places you’ve been. I’m still amaze of Virgin Island. By the way, I love how you took those trees. Nice shot.

    • It was hard figuring out what my most favorite of yours. I love your Italy entries and your 7 super shot response. I just had to go with what I provided here. Never seen it before.

  3. Hi my friend, thanks for sharing Bohol to us, one of my favorite places to go to… Glad you put a “summary” post of your adventure in there…

    Beautiful couple, by the way… Stay safe! 🙂

  4. Awwww great photos.

    Been to Bohol last year and it was superb. Have you tried The Plunge in Danao? If you want to have that adrenaline rush, you should try that canyon swing adventure in Bohol, it’s about 200m high and 300m wide gorge! Its like a 50meters free fall and you’ll be like a defenseless pendulum. Highest canyon swing in the world from what i know. They also offer a lot of activities and you’ll def enjoy it.

    here’s the site http://www.eatdanao.com/

    • I knew about Danao even before coming there. Those adventures, er? … Lots and lots and lots of convincing my girlfriend. That’s gonna take a lot of time. I know that it all fun though.

    • If you there, then why not. For Filipinos it is pricey, for foreigners it’s a buffet costing 8 bucks, regular price in the US. With floating restaurant, you got a unique transportation, a singer while you dine and a stop to watch a cultural dance. That should worth it.

  5. Bohol, my dream destination on my next home visit. I will for sure go back to this post when I return to the Philippines. It will be my guide as to where to go to see the most amazing sights. Great post Bro!

  6. Hi very nice blog for my homeland Bohol. This inspired me to write more for Bohol. I believe there are lots still that Bohol can offer to the world. Cebu-Bohol is the best destination for a truly amazing and more fun vacation.

  7. glad you liked Bohol, my family is from the island and while we are contemplating how it is becoming so congested and over-crowded esp in the city with small roads, still we are happy that tourists and non-locals find it so beautiful which is really true when we talk about the attractive spots and they’re OOAK’s.

    • I understand what you mean. The zipline and other establishments are now added to attract more visitors. I bet it’s simpler back in the day. Yeah, it is touristy and crowded…. for a reason. Adventure, water and Philippine essentials (Chocolate Hills and Tarsier), all in one location! Bohol truly has something to boast about.

  8. Great pictures! Those hills remind me of the burial mounds I saw in Gyeongju, South Korea (except those of course were man-made). Would love to visit the Phillipines one day.

    • WEEEE! I’m greatly honoured. And the blogposts that you picked along with mine are legitimately great articles. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ‘nother accomplishment.

  9. Love the photos! Makes me want to go back to this place. My family and I went to Bohol before moving abroad. We fell in love with the place, the people and the food, especially their lechon! By the way thanks for dropping by my blog and liking one of my posts. Continue to post photos of the Philippines. Caramoan Island is in our bucket list. 🙂

    • My sisters and their families are okay. Thanks for the concern, Amy. I hope my company sends me there to help as disaster relief responder. Just waiting for the approval from the US so that we can get sent there.

      • Thank you for letting me know, Rommel! I know you’ll give it all to help people when you get to go… Be sure to take care of yourself once you are there. We are doing all we can to give from a distance.

  10. Irresistibly drawn to these magical photos of the Philippines. So many of my blogging friends have family there. Good luck with your relief efforts, Rommel. 🙂

  11. What a beautiful country. Love your photos. You two make a very handsome couple! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. Have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

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