Walt Disney Concert Hall

I remember it when I was young. I would put different shapes together of any random things. Without actual worth, meaning or even end-result in mind, it didn’t really matter if I was making sense on how it looked. I guess at least I was trying to make sense, or perhaps like any other kid, I was just curious on how it would turn out. I used to draw the same way too, just random scribbles of anything.

Unlike me, Frank Gehry was able to make our childhood imaginations to life. He is the man behind the design of Walt Disney Concert Hall, the home of Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Los Angeles Master Chorale. I turned to my ever-informative friend, Wikipedia, and I was shown some very eccentric, majestic architectural designs of Frank Gehry all over the world.

Walt Disney Concert Hall was just like that. I observed it for any specific pattern and found none, just striking amalgam of styles, curves and forms. Circling around the building, it sure elicits marvel and fascination. I personally like to think of it as metallic pieces that randomly splashed, arose out from down under and protruded up the ground.

– Pardon the picture, but there is actually a person there taking pictures. –

It proves to me now as California continues to impress me with it that there are plenty of establishments here such as museums, theaters, art and education centers, shops and restaurants that do not only offer interior focus but are clearly high on incredible exterior designs as well. I was completely amazed by Walt Disney Concert Hall, and felt very fortunate that I get to see one of Frank Gehry’s genius creations even only from the outside. I consider it’s unusual concept as a top contender for best architectural design I’ve ever witness. Now, taking the docent-guided free tour of the inside is high on my list. Or maybe someday,I can turn my class on and see an opera or any musical performances there.



For more wild imagination and over-the-top creations, scenery and imagery, here is Anne of Zen and Genki. It’s a blog that explores, collects and shares the most eccentric, obscure, wild, extraordinary, off-the-wall images from all over the web, from different parts of the globe. The cool part is that you get to participate in the poll by picking your favorites as she carefully handpicks only 6 images every week. My favorite happens to be my first encounter to the blog – Pics of the Week 20. And it’s not the only Zen and Genki offers its readers, she also attributes inspirational and motivational quotes and insights. Hence, her banner reads ‘Creative Paths To Health, Wellness and Bliss….Through Inspiration, Thoughtful Living and All Things Artsy Fartsy’.


Last Call…

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  1. I’ve been meaning to photograph this amazing architecture for years now, but just couldn’t get the chance. We happen to just pass by every time we are near the area and you know how parking is in downtown, kind of crazy. Well, you did well and really great.

    • Ahhhh, Yes, yes, yes. I saw it on the Frank Gehry link I provided. He is truly a genius! What I would do to actually see and witness everything he created in all parts of the world.

  2. For the longest time I was under the impression that the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao was the only one of its kind! The reason why we made a dash from Barcelona just to see it! Kind of disappointed that Gehry was prolific with this style of building! Remarkable nevertheless, and your photos do it full justice πŸ™‚

    • Ow, sorry to spoil. Although, I so envy for have seen Gehry’s design in Spain. Have you his other creations? Very impression profile, he has.

  3. I’ve been wanting to see a concert here for some time now. Gerhy did an interesting building for Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio – in case you are ever in those neck of the woods! Thanks for sharing your words and photos!

      • I can imagine how strong of the glare it reflects esp. When it’s shiny and new. Now, it actually needs a lot of scrubbing. Hehe. πŸ˜€
        I did see the greens. Just that, the sun was very strong the time I was there. Too much shadows that I can’t get a clear solid image of it.

    • πŸ˜€ I initially planned not to load it here and save it for later. Well now, I’m glad that you took notice of it. πŸ˜‰ thanks as always, Adin.

  4. You did such a great job of capturing the design. Now you must see a concert. It’s a lovely place inside, too. We have tickets to a New Year’s Even concert and I am sure I’ll post about it. I’ll probably link back to you. I can’t imagine I’d be able to take photos as great as you did. I am sure you would have enjoyed the tour of the inside, but the architecture and design of the outside is an event in itself. Again…really great photos!!

    • I have an idea of the inside from watching the movie “The Soloist”. But that’s about it.
      I’ll be back there probably in December for the tour inside. I’ll wait for your better pictures before I post mine if I did able to go in. πŸ˜‰
      Just give me a nudge.

  5. That’s an amazing landmark! Is that fairly new or been there forever and I just never knew about it? (I visit California almost every year, in LA especially). Kind of actually reminds me of the Sydney Opera House

    • Failrly new, 2003. But of course, Sydney Opera House is the most popular overshadowing all other concert halls. I would be floored to go there. I love WDCH for its eccentricity though.

  6. I remember when I visited Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was breath taking. Too bad I didnt have a camera at the time. You captured the building very well!

  7. What a neat place. The smooth design is incredible. He sure was an imaginative guy. I love the night photo. So pretty! I bet the music sounds fantastic inside. You need to go, so you can tell me. Haha.

    • Hahahaha, you said it so casually like it’s nothing. Yes Ma’am, Aye, aye Captain, I’ll take the tour inside …. you just gonna have to WAIT! Hehe. πŸ˜€

  8. I had no idea about this particular amazing Concert Hall ! You have done some fantastic photography Rommel to show off the incredible design and futuristic quality – if that’s not too much of a hackneyed phrase πŸ™‚
    The Guggenheim perhaps a bit more accessible to see first for me at some point !

    • How I wish I can say the same thing -Guggenheim being close to where I’m at. Thanks for the compliments. I can see now that not many are aware of this building, surprisingly actually.

  9. Frank Gehry’s architecture is truly amazing and the way you have captured it is pretty sweet, particularly at night. I’m sure being able to attend a musical performance there would be very special. πŸ™‚

  10. The architectural design looks like it was created from the magic wand of Merlin the warlock. Amazing in all corners of the building plus a radiant sunset to create a perfect picture. Have a great weekend.

  11. Those are wonderful architectural shots you have. I personally prefer old style buildings but the flowing form of the Concert Hall is quite fascinating.

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