Banana Festival and The Port of Port Hueneme

Another event that is just a stone-throw away from where I’m residing- it’s the 75th Banana Festival. Extra activities from the usual music stage, booths, contests, car shows, etc. are Banana Arts and Crafts, K9 demonstration, Underwater Construction Greet and Exhibit, and the real highlight, a boat tour ride of the port of Port Hueneme.

I was going with somebody else but she cancelled on me the last minute for something else. No worries, I met a bunch of acquaintances and familiar faces there. To be completely, utterly, openly honest, as much as I want to brag for the community, she wasn’t really missing much out of this event. It was quite disappointing, I must say. Even the “banana” food treats were so limited to just banana shakes/smoothies, banana dipped in chocolate and banana split. Yellow was highly visible but there wasn’t truthfully much “banana” decorations around. I wish the fair and arcade were included, might had lightened the event. It’s not usually “the” center of attention during cultural festivals, but this time, the music stage, however, seemed to gained the spotlight. The Military’s Underwater Construction Team 2 was generous enough to entertain the attendees. Lots of smiles to their area. I also liked the kiddie drawings.

– This drawing made me laugh. It actually took me a bit before I got it. *BIG GRIN* –

Although I got ditched, something good came out of it. The Port Tour line was long, and that people that were in line didn’t actually sign-up for it. They were in line only hoping to get free spots left by those who did sign up. I was one of them who tried and stood for good minutes just hoping to get on the boat. They only board about 60 people every hour, for 5 different times. That means -only about 300 people, adult and walking kids, were fortunate enough to take the tour that day. The others waited long hours and got nothing out of it. Now for my good luck *KNOCK ON WOOD*. They called out, “Who’s by himself?” . I immediately raised my hands, and as instantly, I was given the head of the line privilege. I blurted my favorite WP comment word, “Awesome”, as I left the long line to the port gate.

I was static. This exclusive boat tour made up for the wow and whoa moments this event was lack of. On board, with a tour guide narrator, we received the ins and outs of what goes around this busy port. Importing and exporting globally throughout six continents, the Port of Hueneme is among the top 10 U.S. ports for automobiles and fresh produce generating 1,500 jobs locally. The California weather was fine. Seal were visiting. Military, cargo and armory ships were gorgeous sights. And just the general feeling of being on a boat cruising over the water is always a good experience.

Belly growled, and I looked forward for my very first banana split. Yup. I just couldn’t grasp the concept. A banana cut in half, with ice cream on top -I’m shrugging that it ain’t anything special to get quite remarkably popular identification and name for itself. Since it fits for the occasion, I finally welcomed it.

I think I let the picture tell my conclusion of it.

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  1. The boat looks amazing! I love banana spilts, bananas dipped in chocolate, and I think our State Fair has fried bananas too. Lol! Then again, I’m a little bananas. 😛 Good for you going on your own.

    • High Five! I don’t get disappointed when someone cancels on me. It’s actually twice it happened to me last month. 😦 But nothing can stop me, really. I still go when I want to go. 😀

  2. When I first moved to Ventura, I lived for 1 year in Port Hueneme. It was so cool over there because it sits right off the water. Now that I am closer Santa Paula, but still in Ventura, it is much hotter here on this side of town. The activities look kewl! I may hop in the car and head over there and check it out. Thaks for sharing! You said that staying here? I take it you don’t normally live here? Are you in the Navy? I thought it was cool to jump on wordpress today, and see a place in my back yard!

    • HI mike! Nice to have you here knowing you’re a Ventura local. I always love the breeze here in Port Hueneme.
      Banana Festival was a one-day event. I work with the military. I’m so glad to see the UCT 2 there. They did light up the event.
      Again, Nice meeting you.

  3. You know, in here, we have a lot of those festivals…mango festival, lanzones festival, flower festival, etc, etc. But you’re right in observing that sometimes, with all the commercialization, the “banana” is actually not the star. Sad…and our farmers are pretty pissed too.

  4. What a coincidence! I was working on base all weekend. I drove past the signs on Hueneme Road as I went home and thought, “That might be fun,” but I kept driving, eager to get home. Glad to see UTC 2 was out pleasing the crowd!

    • Without the UCT 2, if the family missed the contests, the children probably doesn’t have much free and fun to do other than the jumper. I love the fact that the UCT being there is an unique experience for the locals.
      Nice to have you, Jessica. I reside in the area.

  5. We have had such an interest in seeing the port, so I think it’s great you got such a good tour! I’m a bit disappointed to hear that the festival isn’t too great. While we were in Santa Barbara this weekend we visited with two guys from Port Hueneme and had quite a conversation about this! You’re the first Southern Californian I have met who likes to follow these random events as much as I do! Had we not been in SB, I’d have been there, too! Your photography is great. Looking forward to seeing where you’re off to next! D

    • The port is THE highlight for me. I probably wouldn’t had posted this if I didn’t get on that boat.

      Again, thanks for the images of Santa Barbara that you shared on your blog.

      I was only more highly active with Ventura events last year. This year, I traveled more in La and SD than local, but I do make my best to catch the local events.
      This year, Oxnard’s Salsa Festival, earns the top spot for the Best Cultural Event. Sadly, I missed that again this year.

  6. When was the Banana Festival? Sounds like something that could gain popularity with better advertising. I mean, if Oxnard can have their big Strawberry Festival, Port Hueneme can surely have a substantial Banana Festival! The port tour sounds amazing. I can’t believe this was your first banana split! I will keep an eye out so we can try to make it next time.

    • I failed to inform that it was free admission. If anything, I wish it was the other way. A $2 entry per adults would probably provide more activities for the families who attended. Their venue is actually spacious. I didn’t they used it practically.

      It was the last Saturday of September. I usually go to for information, but the website has becoming less and less active as well. It’s always hard to navigate through the Ventura Star website for events.

  7. Great photos, particularly of the ships. My question however is, did you eat the whole thing? I have not had a banana split since I was a kid. 🙂

  8. If you have banana split, you have the best of banana themed cuisine. Ooops, there is the toron of course. The boat tour seems exciting enough though and more than makes up for the lackluster banana festival. (Just to be silly, what more can there be of a festival that is focused on the banana eh?) ;-0

    • Hmmmm… It’s hard to imagine what else. But I’m sure THEY could have been more creative. The Strawberry Festival I posted was all-things strawberry.
      Hahaha I did think of turon. How I wish I saw them there. I need to get with the event organizers and pitch that in. Bwahahaha
      I think at some points, the Asian cuisine line was longer than the banana-themed food line.

      • 8O. Thank you so much for featuring my humble blog, Wow! Appreciate your nice words, (are you sure..:) ) and my silly sentiment for Como 😀
        I’m absolutely flattered knowing your standard for perfecting each of your post. Much to learn from ya! Enjoy the weekend, Rommel!

      • Back in Hawaii there is always some craziness going on…..but I’m temporarily stuck in small town Texas…so not so much. 😦 My blog is self hosted so I’m still figuring stuff out but u can follow via email or add the rss feed to your wordpress reader if it’s easier to view there. Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and I’ll be visiting you again soon! 🙂

  9. Well, who knew there is a Banana Festival, and the 75th one at that!?! I love the word AWESOME. Anyway, great post, as always and honestly, I would have to say ho-hum to the ships and YAY for ice SCREAM!!! 🙂

  10. Love your post, and so cool that you got to ride on the boat. If you had been with someone, would you still have shot up your hand to go? 🙂 I love that drawing…..too cute.

  11. A fun event with a delicious ending. Never seen one before and it’s really exciting. I am thinking of visiting a relative in San Diego this Summer. Any recommendation of what places to see? It’s a long way ahead but I hope to plan early.

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