Cabrillo National Monument

On this same date, 470 years ago, September 28, 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his crew sailed to the harbor and became the first Europeans to sat foot on what would later became the west coast of the United States. The exact area is not known, but many believe that Cabrillo came ashore on Ballast Point, a small finger of land below… *1


His monument stands, facing the same view, which is now San Diego Bay. *2 The Port oversees two maritime cargo terminals, a cruise ship terminal, public parks, various wildlife reserves and environmental initiatives, a Harbor Police department and the leases of more than 600 tenant and sub-tenant businesses around San Diego Bay.

Cabrillo National Monument offers the “Age of Exploration” exhibit, hiking, tidepooling and visiting the Point Loma lighthouse. *3

The group of pelicans has nothing to do with anything. I added it for fun effect. *Big Grin*

Don’t miss out. Just follow the road towards the water, and head to the stunning Rocky Intertidal Zone. Also, the area encompassed by the national monument includes various former military installations, such as coastal artillery batteries, built to protect the harbor of San Diego from enemy warships. *4 The website also added whale watching activity from December through February. *3


*2, *3, *4

More stunning pictures of The Rocky Intertidal Zone. A statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo can also be seen standing at the Museum Of Man building in Balboa Park – What are you looking at?.


Featured Blog

Here is Coastal Traveler. As much as I hate to get overshadowed by the expert photography of this blog, it’s good for you to check this post out. Also today’s date, she blog about Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. The Oregon/California Coastal Adventure continues. I’m not so sure if she noticed the significance of the date to the topics of our blog posts. Anyway, this is one of the blogs I follow ever since it got Freshly Pressed. In all honesty and humility, the images of coastal traveler are incredibly topnotch.


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This post is NOT part of Flashback Friday. *sticks tongue out*

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    • Lots of them doing it. I talked to a stranger to find out what they’re doing. They showed me the anenomes.
      This reminds me. I should go back to your blog. Way before, I did only glance at your post about the topic. I didn’t want to peruse it as not to influence the way I post this. 🙂

    • Ahihihi … That post also showed seagulls on top and the lighthouse on the bottom. It’s a coincidence. I swear I didn’t get the idea from that blog. I have my uploaded pics on my FB page to prove it. Hehehe. Oh I did see you commented there.

  1. I absolutely LOVE this park. I got to visit about a year ago. What an incredible place. I adore that lighthouse. I have a blog post somewhere. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this memorable place. I’m smiling. Lovely shots.

  2. Stunning photos! I’m more familiar with the Cabrillo museum in San Pedro. He is so deeply identified with California, but I haven’t studied him in the way I have other explorers. I enjoyed the photos and would love to see some of the points of interest from the amazing vantage points you’ve covered with your photos! Great job. D

    • Interesting! Yup, Cabrillo is a sound name in California. About visit the monument, some bloggers in this comment section have gone there, and they have better posts and pictures than I do. 😀

  3. ummmm… you do know that the birds in flight in the shot above the lighthouse are pelicans (not gulls)? But great shot regardless…. 😉

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