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I Crave (Expanded)

Pralines, Frites and Escargot
Italian Food
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This post is taken from an old post title I Crave.


I’d go back to Diego Garcia even just to order rice and bulgogi.

I’d go back to the desert and start a day with a cup of Joe or chill with a frappe from Green Beans Coffee.

I’d take another trip to Brussels just to indulge myself for some Belgian chocolates, try their waffles once again and enjoy sipping on escargot’s broth.

I can settle for another 6 months in Spain, have breakfast of Spanish omelette and have dinner of paella.

I’d take a long-been-missing vacation in Zambales and know that in every meal, there’s mango for dessert. I’d stay there for the entire summer knowing I can munch on their proud pastillas.

Yes, I can even endure Mississippi, maybe for a day or two, simply to satisfy my curiousity once again to the taste of crawfish.


I’d cherish another moment with Isabela kakanin.

I’d get drunk again in Bourbon St. in New Orleans with hand grenades in both hands.


Sure, if given the chance, I’d have another gulp of Baguio’s peddler food strawberry taho.

I knew I’d long for caffe italiano servito nel bicchiere piccolo.


But, if I were to choose between any of those, I’d skip all my world’s food travel in exchange of going to Vigan and getting a load of their authentic empanada. Nothing, ain’t nothing, can beat how much I crave for Vigan empanada….




Top Left: Lugaw (Philippine Congee)
Top Right: Tinubong (Small strips of coconut inside a bamboo stick)
Bottom Left: A street vendor selling barbequed chicken parts
Bottom Right: Halo-Halo (A coconut filled with colorful ingredients)

Top Left: Cheese and Meat Food Truck in Italy
Top Right: Artichoke
Bottom Left: Kebab
Bottom Right: Trdelnik (Czech)



Here is Marianne, an outstanding ambassador of Andalusia, Spain particularly East of Malaga. Check out numerous posts that will whet your appetite. There are tapas, paella making to all kinds of recipes combined with mouthwatering images. My favorite is her submissions to Capture the Colour contest – see her pic of paella making. This blog is a great source for all things Spanish -learning the language, recipe and lots of insights to everyday living. Mind you, Marianne loves to travel, not just locally, but throughout Spain, and other European countries. So, prepare to be amazed to the amazing photographs she loves, and you will sure love as well.


This post is part of Flashback Friday *sticks tongue out*

Last Call:

Now, this is California’s favorite fast food…

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  1. OH you have made me soooooo hungry now with all your craving for food! 🙂 Mmmmm …empanadas are very tasty, even here in Spain! I enjoyed travelling with you on your journey through your favourite foods around the world.

    Thank you for featuring my blog in this post, Rommel. I am honoured to be featured on such a top class blog as The Sophomore Slump.


    • I admire people who talk a lot, and are proud of their local community. You certainly are doing a great job being a part of yours. No question why I featured you.

      Empanadas, in almost every culture, have something else different everytime. I loved the empanada in Spain as well. By the way, Spain prepares the best breakfast omelets!

    • No, I wont forget. People may grossed out, but I’m all for every chicken parts – intestine, head, blood, feet… I’m a big fan of chicken meat!

    • Now, you made me peckish! If only we could travel places in a flick of a button. 😦 All these food talk ought to stop. Bwahahahaha! Ooops I started it. 😀

    • Wow, only Belgian chocolates!? That’s a hard chocolate exploration, Rona. And, a hard resistance to other chocolates. I think I’ll be fine as long as its European chocolate.
      You know what, screw that, I love all chocolates. Go and good luck on getting Belgian chocolate. Hehe. 😀 They do are delectable, and I can see why a certain person with taste would only long for just that.

      • As a chocoholic I would never turn down Swiss or French chocolate, but when talking about milk chocolate I prefer Belgian because of its ratio of cacao solids to sugar. There are probably plenty of technical elements in the way it’s made that differentiate it, but in the end it tastes less sweet. As you can tell, I’m pretty serious about the subject. 🙂

  2. That is why I am moving very soon to New Orleans.. around every corner is a new place of delish food and drink.. oh and Bourbon Street too… food soothes us, doesn’t?
    loved this post now I must go get something to eat 🙂

  3. You reminded me of terrific dish I had while in Germany (way back when) of a cross between a crepe and a pancake smothered in homegrown cherries in a schnapps sauce…something-kirchen (genius)…rommel, your food porn is unbeatable! Thanks for the mini-vacation! ~LD

    • food porn!? Never I had seen or heard someone put it that way. Then again, they always associated “it” with almost everything. Hehe 😀
      URGH! I was going to include beer in Germany, but just didn’t make the cut. I posted enough pics.

    • Food exploration is good too: very diversed, and there’s umpteen choices. 😀 When I’m okay paying a little extra for food joints, I like To-Go’s, Rubio’s, Toppers, In-N-Out and other very Californian fast food places. 😀

  4. What a flashback *slash* wish list!?!
    In and Out burger…you know, I haven’t tried that burger joint though I know it’s quite common. I never got the chance to try it. I prodded my ‘tour guides’ that I must try that while I was there but they always said, “Oh There’s something better than that!” So on my next trip, I’d say I came back for an In and Out Burger…would that sound weird??

    • Uhm, er? If you do not have In and Out around your area, then you better force them for you to try it out! Those always something better can be found elsewhere. Many Southerners don’t fancy it being different, but In and Out is exclusive, and it’s worth the try.

  5. Stop already, you’re making me hungry! Everything looked wonderful but the empanada divine. Where would we find that? Somewhere in CA or would one have to travel halfway around the world (lol)?

  6. Hi, Thanks for reminding me of the empanada…now it’s on my unfinished business list. I don’t know why I missed to have that when I was in the Philippines a few months ago. I love your blog!

  7. Now, I am hungry. I want to have a taste of Vigan Empanada. I know about Vigan longganisa – how come nobody introduced me to Vigan empanada? Just thinking. 😀

  8. For me Spanish paella is too al dente for my liking but I have a great craving for their gambas al ajillo, I could eat that everyday including their grilled sardines, also in Portugal. But next time you are in Vigan, go to Abuelita Restaurant. They cook their empanada by the streetside of the restaurant and order their very light ukoy, the best!

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