James Blake at FYF Fest in L.A.

I want to thank everyone who appreciated the challenging photography of M83 that I took during FYF Fest in LA this weekend. James Blake’s set is tamer so I was able to get even more better shots than M83’s. I’m going to praise it myself. Considering that these are action shots, these are some of my proudest event photos. I enjoyed the performance. There are 14 pictures total so please bear with it. I hope you enjoy these images…

Above is Rob McAndrews on guitar. I had to leave early from the performance stage of Pains of Being Pure At Heart and I had to sacrifice not watching Sleigh Bells. I wanted to ensure good position amongst crowd to see James Blake up-close. I managed to do so; I was at the second row from the front barriers. My view is directly towards Rob McAndrews that I have more images of him than James Blake’s. Below is James Blake, electronic, dubstep, singer-songwriter.

More of Rob Andrews …



Above is Rob McAndrews on the sampler.

I love what the smokes and the lighting give, but these images with no extensive lights or smokes are just more natural, and are equally appealing.



This is Ben Assiter on drums.



When I first popped in the self-titled debut album of James Blake, it surprised me so much. The kind of a stunner moment that grips to your memory and leaves massive impression. My car was booming. It was shaking and trembling that I had to hold on the wheel tighter thinking it was something else. It works wonder. Magnificent! Watching the video of “Limit to your Limit” where a glass of water was creating ripples and was inchly moving from the table as if there’s an earthquake, I didn’t realize that the album would actually provide that same effect just by playing the physical copy of the album. That’s the music of James Blake- one of a kind, entrancing, eccentric… wonderful. Hearing it, and much more physically possessing it, it’s tangible and it gets so real, something you can really feel. Now imagine hearing it and “feeling it” live, and everything right up-front.

It blew our minds. The audience were looking at each other with wide-eye amazement of what was happening. It was during the two-liner song “I Never Learnt to Share”. The ground was shaking, we were all vibrating, and it was as if our bodies and belongings were going to be lifted in mid-air. It felt exactly like in the video of “Limit To Your Love” where things are suspended in the air. It was an incredible surprise having to experience his music like that. We, literally, were “uplifted” by his music. It was unbelievable, so surreal. This is exactly what separates from watching a performance live from watching a video or playing the album, and it’s far from listening from downloaded tracks. FYF Fest campaigns to support your local record bars. A hats off coup de theatre, James Blake really puts on a show show.

This is the live band ensemble…

Last Call… I kept close focus on James Blake and wider for Rob McAndrews because of the dramatic effect that the smoke and lighting brings. This is the last shot I took where I focused on Rob McAndrews much closer. I didn’t realize how cool the result was. Here, I caught his facial expression showing how he’s really absorbing the music.

My Facebook Page has more pictures. Just Like it on your way out. By the way, this helpful WordPress site provides events and travel destinations of LA.

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    • Strong comment, thank you. Ahihihi. I love to blog, but an acknowledgement from the source (or their personal assistants :D) would “sound” awesome to hear.

    • Thank you, Carla. I need to go back up north and see San Fran again and take more pictures of it. Next time I won’t forget my camera battery. Bwahahaha

  1. These are amazing. The smoke and lighting are so intense and create such unique photos. I too agree that the band would definitely love these shots. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Love that one too. I can tell there’s a mix opinion between without the coloured lights or the ones with. Thanks for the feedback, frizz. Much appreciated.

  2. I know that tumblr has specific page for almost all musicians or celebrities. I looked at my Referrers, and was surprised to see this post on . I didn’t even have to ask. SO COOL! Most of the links there are from legit music websites, and that it’s cool to think my post is together with those websites. My Bohol, Philippines is also being used as a website travel agent advertising tool for Bohol. Another SO COOL!

    Thank you all. Also, thanks for those who have been linking my blogposts to twitter, google +1 and FB. It’s SO COOL. I, myself, don’t even have twitter, google plus one nor tumblr. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    • Bwahahahahaha! Was thinking about this when I created the blogpost. But I didn’t think that someone would actually bring that up. Always a good visit, Russel. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. You are really cookin” wow what a change you have done in your blog. I love how you “talk” to us. You must have been all over the place with that camera at the concert. Fun When you are up in the Bay Area go to Yoshi’s listen to jazz and take pictures. I go there and draw in the dark then later get to see my surprise. what I did.

    • Ahihihi. Sorry I changed the theme back. I always change it.
      I love intimate performance more now, or close stage, after this event. Thanks for compliment, and the support to my blog. None from China yet. Bwahahaha

  4. Most interesting blog and photographs….I’ve never heard of James Blake but you got me so curious that I will google him on line and listen to him….Nice work! Your photos make me want to go to his concerts!

  5. You went to FYF! I went a couple years ago. I remember how awesome it was to be in that park, with great music and the backdrop of LA’s skyline. This post definitely made me miss LA and all of the great shows you could catch, any day of the week.

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