50th Featured Blog, The Bests of Last Call, and A List of My Absolute Musts.

Answers in the bottom. But if you’re familiar with this blog and want to have a memory challenge go do try to figure out in your head what it’s looking for or what’s the answer to the question.

1. I know you know this one. The featured blog for this entry is Sony Fugaban’s Stories of the Wandering Mind, a great Philippine adventure blog. He is now in Saudi Arabia. That pretty much tells you to check out his new adventures. Something is special with that post.

2. Don’t cheat. Who is my first featured blog? If you are not aware of that blog. You are missing out so much. She now has an annex blog called Bucket List Publication. Perhaps the most succesful blogger WordPress has ever known. The image above is the last picture of my Weekly Photo Challenge: Down.

3. A mannequin or a person? Skedazzle is one of my top favorite California blogs. Here’s another favorite post from her Carmel visit – Fill’er Up. She just recently hit her 50,000 views.

4. This is the official first Last Call (that should makes sense). Which American day-off this from? This is from one of my San Diego destination, The Rocky Intertidal Zone. The featured blogger is a San Diego expert. Russel Ray is now perfecting the art of image editing. His improvements here.

5. Number of posts for The Jelly Experience Series?
I have 4 best posts of Arindam. 1. A story 2. A poem 3. A travel entry 4. An article type of post.
Jo Bryant, when I featured I mentioned her being an energized blogger. Here is my other favorite since then.

6. This last photo entry of Gnocci is not from the Naples post. WordPress recommends this travel blog – Bagni di Lucca and Beyond. Not knowing it is like a blogging crime.

7. This is not from Americans Singing in Tagalog. This is from Distorted, a Weekly Photo Challenge entry. The Featured Blog shows generated illustrations. He organizes SUNDAY POST. My new favorite is his Village entry.

8. This is a runner as ultimate best Last Call. It’s a cheat though because I just had two almost identical images of it. The featured blog is an LA resident Sun and Glory.

9. The name of the animal again? The featured blog is one of the best Philippine blog out there, and not just as a travel blog.

10. Something happened to the blogpost that this Last Call originated from. The featured blog is A Top Photography Blog …seriously! B&W Bear – The Temple & The Deer – Cherry Blossoms in Nara.

More favorites from the Featured Blogs

titabudsPostcards: Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville – One of my top blogs, one of my most favorite commenter.

JugorumSeeing the big picture – You must see this Lego surprise.

MadhuOn The Edge of the Caldera – See the glorious sunrise pics. A Top Travel Blog.

CeePrint Sense 52 Pick Up Week 21 – Bokeh – The image of the old lady gets it.

The Island TravelerThis Man’s Journey – If you’re a blogger and not know this blog, YOU ARE WRONG! You are so wrong.

Tokyo Bling’s Blog Atami Beachi Fireworks – Another WordPress’s Recommended Travel and Photography Blog.

ThemofmanThe Unrepentant Flanuer’s Guide to Street Photography – Part 6 – The title said it.

LuAnn & Terry –The Hiking is Fine – Yosemite National Park (part 2) AND
Nina – Paul’s Progress & TheCoquille River Lighthouse – Bullard’s Beach, OR  — RV’er’ blogs will never disappoint you.


I’m tired. I’m slaving myself for other bloggers’ blogs. *big grin* I’m hungry too. This is tasking. Every others, please do check my Featured Blogs, Bloggers and Posts Page. Watch out for the future ones…

Wait! Last Call …

This image is from Gilly Gee’s 7 Super Shot!




Take note of “MY”, meaning not yours and anybody else *grin*



Riding The Gondola in Venice


Carnivale Festival

Climbing Mt. Vesuvius

Eat Neapolitan pizza, Gelato and Gnocchi

Sevilla, Spain

Eat Paella and drink Sangria in Spain


Purchase Chocolates in Brussels

Drink Beer in Germany


Trdelnik in Czech

Driving through Germany and Austria

Venice Beach

Balboa Park in San Diego

Make Fairoaks Pharmacy be your first stop to Route 66

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Driving The Golden Gate Bridge

Strawberry Festival in California

Tall trees of Muir Woods

Danish in Solvang, California

Driving in California Pacific Coast Highway

Ojai and Highway 33

La Jolla

Eat with your hands to any Afircan restaurant in San Diego

The Rocky Intertidal Zone in Cabrillo, San Diego

The Getty Villa

Wine Tour in Santa Barbara

OB/Dog Beach/Ocean Beach in San Diego

Enter a Drive-Through of In-&-Out

Anime Expo in Los, Angeles – Yes, I got dragged to one. *sticks tongue out*

Snow in Lake Tahoe

Jazz Fest in Louisiana

Las Vegas

Crawfish in the South


Summer in Florida

Listen to live music in Memphis, Tennessee

Mardi Gras and New Year in Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Farmer’s Market

Vigan City, Philippines

Virgin Island in Bohol, Philippines

Island Hopping in Caramoan

Chocolate Hills and Tarsier in Bohol

Mushroom Burger in Tagaytay

Snorkeling in Balicasag Island in Bohol

Eat Vigan Empanada


50th Featured Blog

Jude’s Photography and The Writer in the Woods


The answers:

  1. My Freshly Pressed post
  2. Lesly Carter’s Indulge
  3. It’s a person
  4. Memorial Day Weekend
  5. Three
  6. Italian Food
  7. Jake’s Printer
  8. Arboretum in Los Angeles
  9. Carabao
  10. The images and words of my Balboa Park post were stolen by another blogger.

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41 replies »

    • I surprised myself as well when I was making the list. I even have a few considerations that I wanted to be honest with and had them deleted. You have quite a number of travel itineraries as well, jumping from one state to another. Rest assured, you’ll be listed here before I collected 100 Featured Blogs. Your St. Louis post is really awesome. Someplace unheard of, and certainly underrated.

  1. Thank you….again….for mentioning me. You are too kind. I have said it before and I will say it again. I LOVE that photo of the boat in your header. I have tried to follow The Island Traveler a couple of times and it just doesn’t happen. I will try again. I don’t quite understand the interest in Lesley Carter. Is she travel, or baby products?????

      This made me laugh so hard. Lesley Carter just had a baby, that’s why. She’s primarily an adventure blog. Lately she’s been posting a lot of products advertising though.

      • I was (and still am) completely put off by the baby stuff, and left a comment saying so. I don’t think she reads her comments, but I’m pretty sure she (or she pays someone to do it) flicks through all new posts leaving “likes” without ever opening the posts, just to get people to go back to her blog. It got me at the beginning, but it doesn’t work any more.

        • Ow Oh … She does have some really outstanding adventure posts. She’s been around, travels a lot. She also features other bloggers to hers. But I’m not going to be all praising, I do agree she’s rusting with the all the advertising post and not replying back. I don’t know, I guess too popular to do so.

  2. Rommel, you are an amazingly giving person, always allowing someone else to take center stage. You have drawn so many of us to some very interesting blogs, right along with yours. You do beautiful work and I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Rommel you are the sweetest, most charming guy! thanks so much for making me your last call and for mentioning me again 🙂
    One thing you haven’t done is included England on our must do list, tut tut time to add it !
    this is a great post again by the way, so much work you have put in 🙂

  4. If you get a chance, take an extended vacation to Colorado. Fly into Stapleton Airport and get a rental car. Spend a day or two touring Denver. Then head south to Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy. Short stop in Pueblo and then over to Cañon City and the Royal Gorge where you should walk across the bridge, drive across it, take the incline railray to the bottom, take the cable car across the gorge, and take a helicopter ride. That will take you a day but it’s worth every second. Next up, take a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. An experience like no other. Then over to Mesa Verd National Park. Next, head up to Montrose and take highway 50 through Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Lastly, spend a lot of time in Rocky Mountain National Park northwest of Denver before heading back to the airport. It’s a trip that you’ll never forget. Remember to take lots of pictures.

  5. Thanks Rommel for the shout out! 😀 It’s incredibly sweet of you to take time to mention some of the other blogs out there and you have led us to some very interesting blogs. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more great posts from you 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot Rommel, for the mention. You are an inspiration buddy. Thanks a lot for always inspiring all of us to give it our best with our respective blogs.

  7. I need to do lot of “catching up” here I must say. I missed a lot. I need to do some modifications in my routine to squeeze WordPress just like before.

    By the way, your blog keeps getting better. That’s no pep talk, bro.

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