Americans Singing in Tagalog

My sophomore blog right now contains images of my own. My old blog, circa 2008, was combined with other web finds. I just thought I’d resurrect a sample of my old blog …

A video collection of Americans singing in Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines.

First off is Tara Lynn, a member of Peace Corps, who took a liking to a song by Yeng Constantino.

Most of the videos here are taken from circa 2008. Since then, she has learned a lot of Tagalog words and already performed in front of a crowd in the Philippines. She has also successfully encouraged her friend to sing Tagalog songs with her.


The next one is arguably the most famed foreign musician singing in a different language. AkosiChrisTV made his own youtube page of his recordings. Like Tara Lynn, he has been featured to a lot of TV sightings in the Philippines.

His slogan: “It’s OPM with an American twist, I call it jOePM.” His recordings has been digitally available since April this year. He also have visited the Philippines a number of times before and after Filipino recognition. Throughout the existence of his Youtube page, he has gained over 5,000 subscribers and 1.5 mil views. He now has an album and has been a favorite guest player of Filipino bands in the Philippines.


Isiak Holiday Jr. has performed to a popular noontime show in the Philippines. Here he is and his piano playing a song from a Filipino star veteran, Gary Valenciano.

He succeeded on his goal to perfect pronunciation of Tagalog words he uses in the songs he sings. He also have recorded this song producing physical and digital copies.


There have been many foreigners who followed suit in pursuing of singing in the native language of the Philippines. Again dates back in 2008, this last one has also been featured to small TV news segments. Not as popular, but one I really love plainly because he’s covering an all-time favorite song of mine, “Buloy”.


Singing a song not of our own tongue is something most people won’t even dare try, even speaking it is a challenge. For us Filipinos, we can’t help but smile to the amusing attempts and accents that are squeaking by their lines. What really admires us in is their extensive appreciation to our language and their passion to Original Pinoy Music.

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  1. I think I would prefer to hear these beautiful songs sung by a native speaker. The only one I could listen to all of was Isiak, the others especially Tara sounded harsh 😦 I admire people who speak other languages, here in the UK we are famous for our laziness and bad attitude about learning. I used to be quite fluent in French and can get a little of other European languages but Phillipino, Malay, Chinese, HIndi, Urdu etc are all a total mystery and that makes me sad.

    • I can see how the singing doesn’t please others who don’t know the language. For us Filipinos, we adore the very fact that these are foreigners singing our songs.

      Well, thing is, most Asian languages are not the dominant languages. 😀 … So, it is highly understandable for a lot of Europeans to dismiss it.

  2. Very interesting post Rommel. Great work.
    Anyone trying to learn a new language and that to be sing a son in that is quit a big thing and we all need to appreciate it. I do not even know many languages of my own country, to be more specific I know only two of them. One is my mother tongue and the other is our national language. 🙂

  3. Brave of them for attempting it 🙂 In any language it isn’t just the words but the intonation that is important. I used to pride myself on my knowledge of Tamil, the language of the state i live in, till I found my colleagues in the office smirking at the way i pronounced certain words 🙂 Some people have an ear for languages, my husband is one of them.

    • Ahihihi…. I say speak away my friend, however remote your pronunciation is or how thick is your accent. I don’t have an ear for language. I took two credits in Italians. I do can make a conversation in Italian, but It takes long for me to understand the Italian I’m speaking with and it takes long for me to think what I say. I probably am pronouncing words in erronous intonation and bad accent too. 😀
      I do know how to sing one Italian song. 😀 It’s called Bella. Ooooh I should make a video! …… NOT!

    • Ahihihi… It’s a candid song, not a serious one. It’s a song about a dog named “Buloy” and how the songwriter misses his pet. I probably shouldn’t say any further, I might get flooded with hate responses. Bwahahahaha

  4. Love them all ;)) XxMe ! I guess my fave would be the Buloy rendition , sounds kewl ! ;)) You did great po, kudos !

  5. The guy singing that Eraserhead – Magasin song, you could tell he’s reading the lyrics in the beginning, but just like me, he DEFINITELY knows the chorus to the song that I love!!! 🙂

  6. Hey there! Thank you for liking my photos. This is an awesome blog! I enjoyed watching the videos. Two thumbs up for these cool Americans who did a great job learning Tagalog songs.

  7. Thanks for your post, Rommel, and for visiting my blog!

    As a writer, I know the importance of language, and I know how you say things, your tone, will change the meaning of the words. Singing in one’s own native language is difficult enough! I used to sing a bit in Tagalog. As a Filipina American, I would get flak for not singing words quite right, and I understand and deserved those critiques. It was – and still is – an odd position to be in, you’re either “not Filipino enough” because you can’t speak Tagalog fluently, though you may be putting forth your best effort, or you’re snobbish that you can’t be bothered with learning your parents’ language. Off the soapbox! I’ll just try harder 🙂 Mister Isiac just nails it IMHO!

    • There shouldn’t be any pressure. Don’t get discourage if you can’t speak it. Why about try to be good at song, and then show them what you got!? hehehehe:D

  8. Nothing more beautiful than hearing the songs you grew up with. Even more magical when you hear it from a singer of another country. Made me a bit homesick but somehow it was also comforting. Merry Christmas my friend. I wish you and your family all the love, happiness, peace, great health and many awesome adventures today and everyday.

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