Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moments in LA Streets

For like the first time, I’m following the exact rules of Weekly Photo Challenge. The Daily Post at WordPress gave us a chance to take a shot at street photography of fleeting moments found on the street. And so, I’m taking a stab at it. I had a number of good selections, but I boiled it down to images in Los Angeles.

I’m choosing not to get so political or social. I refrained from the intense scenes and focused on the subtle scenes as the challenge suggests. Tweaking these vivid and colorful images to black and white already feels like I’m stripping the light on these streets. Although …

The above image here changed my perspective upon changing it to black and white. I was ignoring it at first, not even considering sharing it then. Now, I’m loving it. I guess the other colors no longer are stealing the spotlight of the three grandmothers striding along.

I think this is one proper way to donate to the homeless. The food-sharing tent accepts donations.
I like the shot for the extra unattended skateboard.

All the above images are taken from …

Venice Beach :

Venice art vendors don’t like their crafts getting photographed. Pay your parking else find yourself paying more than $50 fee. Buy sunglasses there if you don’t have one. Check out the graffiti and the skating arena. I consider Venice Beach a MUST for LA visitors.

My other links: Venice Beach Art and Skaters in Venice Beach


This one is from Santa Monica

I really like this one below because it says a lot, especially as I say it’s from one of the high-end portions of Los Angeles.

Let’s go to my second stop of Route 66, the Old Pasadena. It’s where I bought old music CD’s and old book that I couldn’t find anywhere til then. If you choose to take this route, make sure to latter up with sunblocks and load your car with water bottles. Anyhow,

Last Call…


I already have street art above, I can’t oust street musician when it comes to street photography.


Street Photography? … Oh boy! I got some bloggers line up for that … For now,


Check out themofman’s sequels on Illustrative City Series and The Unrepentant Flaneur’s Guide to Street Photography [my favorite: part 6] Modes of Flight Blog exhibits art images (including his own drawings), landscape and urban photography.My ultimate favorite, however, is this heartwarming stories of achieving life goal of being a real photographer, A Lens on Life.


Well … after examining my Featured Blog, my street photography is fun but I think I’ll leave it to the Pro’s. (Leave me be diffident and save the vote of confidence. *big grin*)

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    • This is my niche!? Oh no! I don’t think I’d be doing this again… at least for a long time. All time favorite, huh? Well, what makes it? The B&W?

    • Santa Monica shot, hehe. He needs to divert his mind to somewhere else so he still needs to be physically attached to his belongings.
      Although, he actually has a stereo near him playing serene meditating sounds, but he can hear it in case …

  1. Rommel, thanks so much for the recommendation.

    Nice work here.

    Last year I was in brief communication on Flickr with a street photographer who would shoot between Montreal and LA. He did a lot of impressive work in Venice Beach. I lost contact with him when the Flickr group we were in was ceased. I can’t remember the name of his website but from time-to-time I still try to track it down. If I find it, I’ll definitely drop you a link.

    Keep on shooting!

    • Sure will be interested to that follow-up.
      I wanted to feature a post on your street photos so I instead just mentioned it. I had to choose my actual most favorite. Your post about your goal, your respect for teachers and your mother’s pure heart and understanding really got me, like …. got me.

  2. I love that you used B&W! I think it gives the photos a journalistic feel and, for me, that is what street photography is about. Excellent shots! I’m sad that I didn’t hit Venice Beach when I was in California this May. 😦

    • I actually hated that I digress on this post instead of exploring each photo. It’s just that I have so many promised posts that I just decided to collect it here. Thanks anyways. When I do this again, I’ll make sure to focus on the journalistic feel instead of digressing to travel tips and personal stories.

  3. I’m sure your shots would have been fabulous in color but they take on an entirely new dimension in black and white! I think the story is told better in b&w. Love this post!

    • Always glad to hear from the local. How you like the traffic? I mean the main attractions? 😀 I’ve been exploring the hell out of LA. I do mind the traffic, but I can be patient all for travel’s sake. 😀 Venice is like the very first I checked out. I will definitely go back there for the canals.

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