Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

My travels in California is usually me, myself and I. It wasn’t the case hours ago. It’s me, ma and my grandma.

The prodigal son has returned. I drove 6 hours from Ventura to Alamada County to finally visit my parents and grandparents. As soon as I arrived, she complimented my health. But then, she offered me a seat and just started heating up three dishes, slicing fruits, uncorking wine and opening canned goods. I just couldn’t say it -I already ate on the road. Still, I stuffed myself with her hospitability. She may be 80 + but she is still mighty strong.

I then drove my mom, my uncle and Grandma further north to see The Golden Gate Bridge and to smell the fresh air in Muir Woods.

Sneak Peaks…

Future Posts on:

Muir Woods
Golden Gate Bridge
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey
Shell Beach

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  1. You’ll never regret the time spent with your parents, Rommel. It looks like today was well spent. That photo of you and your parents is sure to become a prized treasure as well. I wish I had more photos of my own parents, with or without me in them. I also really like that last photo of you standing in the tall (redwood ?) trees … kudos to the photographer on an interesting shot. 🙂

  2. Today, I get to see the famous bridge, a gateway to many who dreamed. I used to there before going to Texas. Always a beautiful memory. It’s true that a piece of your heart stays in San Francisco. Great post.

  3. Great photos Rommel, and I agree, you will never regret the time spent with parents and grandparents. I lost both my parents at an early age and I love to see several generations of family enjoying each other’s company.

    • Ow … My work has assigned me to different places of the globe. Opportunities like these are hard to come by, so I took them out which they seemed to have enjoyed. Even the fact that I get to go home and see is enough.

  4. That famous Golden Gate… I was there last night…. (in my dreams) lol. You must have a great time bonding with your family… 🙂

    • How can I stop her. For one, it’s been years since the last time I got home. Two, I think she really finds pleasure in serving me those plates. Three, I love being served by my Grandma, too. 😀 She’s a character. I’d be okay getting that old as long as I have the same energy and aura like hers.

    • Many Californians boast about the weather. They do have reasons to, esp. here in SoCal. Activity-wise? It sure is nice to get reunited with families and be able to take them places.
      Thanks for coming to my blog, 4rozebuds.

  5. ha! i did a double-take on your first photo – i took one last month from the same viewpoint! cool, huh? we must be shutter-siblings! 😀

    • Ahihihi. Oh shoot – this is taken by my uncle. I was the one driving, high in my Bucketlist and was so glad to accomplish it. I insisted my uncle to keep taking and taking picture as I drive. Hehe. Thanks so much for commenting. So you a Californian, then?

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