The Jelly Experience [Exhibit 1]


Photography Blog? Check out … drum roll please …


Shutter Bug’s A Traveller’s Tale : Photographies and Travel Interest, Places and Things. Click his side bars and see what might please your eyes. He’s got portraits, landscape, churches, fruits and flowers, many more … He’s currently been showing his over 2 thousand followers images from Papua New Guinea. My favorite, however, is more about his story on being stranded during transport.


more of The Jelly Experience soon …

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  1. Great shots, Rommel. Their translucence became more dramatic with the black background. And thanks a lot for choosing A Traveller’s Tale to be featured in this post and the generous commentary you added. I truly appreciate it, my blog friend. 🙂

  2. Im from the SF bay area… I used to visit the aquarium alot with my daughters. We all learned to dive in Monterey. The jellyfish displays were always the best. They have the coolest displays and the quality of the facility is top. The aquarium is associated with a research institute at Moss Landing. Most of the research revolves around the Monterey canyons that drop to 6,000 ft.

    • Thanks for the contributions MikeandKlar. That’s a lot coming from a geologist, writer, adventurer. Where’s your blog? I can’t click it back. Hehe

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