BLUE & Hands: Snorkelling in Balicasag Island


I can’t seem to figure out the highlight of our tours in Bohol, Philippines. Is it my brave instinct of wrapping myself with a python? Ziplining? The Floating Restaurant? We get to see the famous Chocolate Hills and the highly-protected tarsiers. Is it dolphin watching on our way to Balicasag Island? 

Or, is it snorkelling there? The incredibly beautiful beach view of Virgin Island can easily be the highlight. Balicasag is more or less 20-min boat ride away from it.

We hopped out of our boat full of great excitement, but with empty stomachs. It’s was so cool that we can select from the morning catch of fresh seafood and have it grilled while we snorkel. We rented the gears and camera cover for underwater picture-taking, wore our life vests, hopped back in to another boat and off we go with even higher expectation.

Sure, it is fascinating to watch marine life from aquarium tanks. However, having the aquatic animals right at the tip of fingers is even more wonderful, and an absolute fun. Darn great time being my first snorkelling experience.




There was no specific highlight. The highlight of the trips is for the personal reason that I shared all these amazing adventures and beautiful travel destinations with the woman I very much love. I know romanticism comes out every time I post about my visit back to my motherland, and granted the kind of relationship that we are in, I can’t help but go back to that fact that I enjoyed it most because of the people close to me.


We then had another diving experience. This time into a deliciously food. When we headed back to shore, our hot and ready fresh meal was already grilled and served.


Overlooking the beautiful water, we let our savage nature show and had the plate a fishbone finish.

Please check out my It’s More Fun in the Philippines blog post for pictures of me underwater, the fishbone finish and dolphin watching.

Last call …

I asked if it’s okay for me to sit in front of the boat going back to our lodging. I was tippy-toeing getting to it, but it’s fun to play navigator for a little bit.


Going to Cebu?


Here is Arvee. He posts everything and anything about Cebu including travel spots, events (look for Sinulog Festival), hotels, to-do’s and how-to-go-to’s. A great ambassador of his birthplace, make him your virtual tourist guide of Cebu.

My favorite is his escapade to Santa FE, Bantayan Island.


Here’s more of the fishes, the snorkel and the island…

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  1. Philippines is the best place ever…I should know because it’s my birth country (not biased) I miss Cebu the most 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks for the honor my friend. It’s very kind of you to feature my blog here. Thanks for the compliment, I will do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations, hope I won’t fail them, if I do then at least I tried lol.

    Glad you like my post about Santa Fe, I really like that place. Hope to come back there as time permits me to.

    Great post, like always. Stay safe! 🙂

  3. Amazing pics… Just love the blue of the water…. I just love seeing and capturing the blues and greens of water in different places…

  4. I always always love blue. my god i am so excited to see these pictures. I love that picture where you are sitting on the corner of the boat. Congratulations

  5. Love your photos! Saw Hundred Islands, but had no chance to take the boat there! I love to snorkel, too!
    Have you been to Hawaii to surf and snorkel?

  6. Hi! Thanks for liking my post “One Way to Rock and Roll…”. I really like your “Blue” post, the colors of the water and sky looks amazing.
    Kind greetings,

    • I’ve been to Venice Beach twice this year. I didn’t see that huge wall art at wall. I guess you have better eye than I have. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Pictures are awesome! I lived in Southern California for 49 years . All these photos are places that are close to my heart. Thank You for showing them.

  8. The marine sanctuary at Balicasag Island is one of the best places I’ve snorkeled so far. =)

  9. Liked your blog a lot : )
    and the subtitle too: “Read it, like it, reply to it, reblog it, or follow it. Just please don’t steal it.” congrats

  10. Stunning! It reminds me of snorkelling in the Gulf of Thailand. A former Californian transplanted to the south of France. Thanks for checking out one of my blogs.

  11. Super exciting pictures and adventures. Thanks for giving me a like on post a week purple. I spent 6 1/2 in the philippines when I was in the navy but I never got do the things you did in these photos. Jim

    • Hi mhdriver. 6 and a half, Aye. That’s about the usual deployment length, eh. It’s okay, a lot of military servicemen have better things to offer to the country anyway. 😀

  12. This post is surprisingly inching up as the most viewed and extremely most liked post other than my Freshly Pressed entry.
    Thank You so much to everyone who viewed, liked and/or commented on this post.
    Keep it coming! 😀

    • If it’s enhanced, I would’ve changed the gloomy parts of the clouds and made it all bright. If you look closely at the pictures in the slideshow, you’ll see how the sky is changing from having cotton-candy cloud to clouds of farrow. I can’t exactly remember but it might had drizzle just a tad. Thanks for noticing.

  13. snorkeling is just the simple most amazing experience …
    I only started recently and I scolded myself for not having done it sooner.
    I mean right here in the Maldives, we are surrounded with all this beautiful ocean full of colorful creatures and I have been living on land most of my life. the underworld is amazing.
    Nice post and picture 🙂

  14. What an amazing blog you have it’s amazing! You have been to so many wonderful places. I am a traveler myself, nice to see and read other people’s traveling stories. Glad I cam across your page!

    • Ahihihi I do look like a voyager there. I was looking for Pleasure Island. Hahaha. Joke. My girlfriend would’ve killed me there.
      Well, just get to a wooden boat and ask if you can sit on the front. It would be the most amazing if you do it in the Philippines. Hehehe 😀

  15. amazing pic, especially the one of you sitting at the tip of the boat, amazing one! we will be in Philippines helping kids soon, maybe you can drop by!

    • That is amazing, what you will be doing. Glad for the awesome invitation. But sadly, I’m in California now. How I wish to do the same thing you are doing. Have fun and travel safe.

      Your bloglink?

  16. Awesome photos! Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  17. Guess I left the PI too early (1970); I don’t think these destinations had been “discovered” yet. Baguio was the “top” destination for me….and I hear you can’t even rent motorcycles at Burnham Park anymore. Sayang…

  18. Beautiful images… I was supposed to go to the Phillipines years ago, but was in the military at the time and due to regime changes the trip got cancelled… I think perhaps I will put it on my bucketlist after seeing your beautiful images. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog recently as well!

    • Awful! I guess because of the kidnapping issues. It dissipates now, but still possible. I, myself, don’t plan in those area where terrorism is high, Mindanao area.
      This one is terrorism free area.

    • Boracay is popular, and for a reason. No, I haven’t gone there. I like it here because we have the beach right outside our hotel and we have it for ourselves. Any Philippines common summer spots is good anyway. 😉

  19. One of my dreams, to one day go back to the many beautiful islands of the Philippines. Snorkeling opens a magical world under the sea and now that my son is bigger, I wish to share that adventure with him. Amazing images Bro. You have a gift and we are lucky to see them through your blog. Happy New Year. Best wishes to your family.

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