It’s More Fun in the Philippines (part deux)

There’s so many islands there that I don’t even dare remember each one every time our navigator or guide mention their names. Caramoan is actually my first island hopping experience. To avoid too much crowd, I didn’t want to choose the country’s more popular summer destinations like Puerto Prinsesa or Puerto Gallera or Boracay. Some of the islands were off-limits because of the production of the next Survivor season. It’s good enough that there weren’t as much people as one would expect for such a beautiful place. We were there considerably time-served. There’s a good possbility that people we’ll be more aware and curious about Caramoan after Survivor.

We played with Patrick’s relatives as my brother-in-law, Red, kept bringing the starfishes for us to look at, feel and take pictures of. We sure had our fun “star-gazing” within reach. I was there with my two sisters,each of their husbands and my grilfriend, Edith. Below is my sister, Analyn, who I always love and miss a lot.

Water is not the only exciting thing in Caramoan. There’s also something-something for the ground areas. There are wonderful rock formations en route to different islands. You can also get the chance for some mini rock climbing. It’s always me and Red who were nonchalantly braving it up for it while the women were keeping their fingers crossed.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, if you do go there.

 Although our island hopping tour was only half day for me and Edith because we had to depart to another Philippine travel destination, Caramoan certainly accomodated the fun and good time we expected. Knowing I was with my family and love one was an icing on the cake. With googles, mouthpiece and lifevest, I also had my first snorkelling experience in Caramoan.


More ‘More fun in the Philippines’?


I don’t know where is Jesse Jaca now. I do know he has a great great great photography gallery. I actually first found out about the ‘More fun in the Philippines’ slogan through his page. Check out his submissions here. I’ll add one for preview …

And prepare to be impressed by the rests of his photo exhibits.


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  1. Unfair Rommel – I’m so jealous! All this rain in France and I could really do with blue sea, white sand and lots of sun!

    • I hope it won’t be as crowded after Survivor. I think they are leasing the location for two seasons. Anyhow, you’re have a great time island hopping there.

    • Ow what a great compliment. Thanks. It’s okay if I’m not paid. Blogging about the places I go to is a way of giving back. Tourism is in its ultimate high because of ‘More fun in the Philippines’ campaign.

  2. Caramoan! The place where the next Survivor US was shot! I want to visit that place and looking at your photos make me envy more! Haaaay. And to think I am not traveling anytime soon. Sadder than sad.

    • I’ve been planning to go to Caramoan after seeing quite a number of blog entries about it. It’s a plus that it so happens that it’s the next location of Survivor. I’m a big fan of the show.

    • We all have a sense of responsibility to the community we live/lived in. This is my little way to give back. Thanks Madhu. You have such a great travel blog as well, if only you get something from all the destinations you go, you’d have more salaries than I am. bwahahaha

  3. Ha! Now I can post my comment. For two days, I had a problem with posting comments because it won’t show.

    YES! Hahahaha. Caramoan! I want to visit that place! How much have you spent for your Carmoan trip? I am just curious because I want to go there even though I aint travelling very soon.

  4. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. As always, I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back! (But you knew that…………..)

  5. I came thru the phillipines on my way home from Thailand in 1972. We. Were not on the island long enough to do any sightseeing, but I knew it would be someplace I could really love. Thanks for sharing. I will probably get someday.

  6. Loved the captions, “It’s More Fun In The…”

    Never thought of visiting the Phillipines, I may need to reconsider! Playing with starfish in secluded coves sounds like a wonderful way to spend time. =)

  7. Cool blog dude. Nice of you to feature our country’s “off-beaten” tracks. If you decide to explore more of these destinations in the future, I would suggest Palawan (Coron, Taytay and El Nido), Siquijor, Batanes. Batanes is my favorite place on Earth. No more overcrowded banca rides. LOL! I’ve been to Caramoan before the Survivor hype. It was a loooooong trip indeed. Try segueing to the Caramoan Water Complex to sample wakeboarding.

  8. HELLO ROMMEL! I AM IMPRESSED WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. I AM ALSO HAPPY I CAME ACROSS YOUR BLOG. LOVE YOUR PHOTOS OF THE PHILIPPINES. I WILL BE GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES AFTER 10+ years. I was born and raised in Seattle. This December will be my first Christmas and New Years experience in the Philippines. Any suggestions of places to visit?

    • My musts list is Bohol, Vigan and Caramoan. i have posts of those destinations. From others, Palawan, Puerto Gallera and Boracay are the popular ones. If you’re in the main capital, MOA, Luneta Park and Intramuros are good as well. I don’t really have much so I suggest get with other blogs. Hehe. But my ultimate suggestion is Bohol’s Virgin Island, Balicasag, city tour and oceanside tour. Have fun in the Philippines! 😀 and oh! Stay safe!

  9. i love your photos and blog! Try to visit Bantayan and Malapascua Islands in cebu. Batanes is a must! It will not disappoint. If you want to see a whole different Pinoy culture far from crowd and hassle. Next on my list is Caramoan, your pics added adrenaline to my excitement.

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