Of CARAmoan and CARAbao …

We were disheartened accepting that our Caramoan tour was cut short due to inadequate time for traveling back to Manila then to our second trip to Bohol. It weighed to my disappointment that my two sisters and brothers-in-law were going to have a great time exploring Caramoan and its cityside and more islands while we sit and endure a hustling bus ride back to the airport. The excitement of going to Bohol was the only thing that keeping us from jealousy. We still had a very limited time before we leave Caramoan so me and Edith decided to just walk around.

So we woke up early and lazy the next morning, not as earlier as planned and certainly not as purposely compared to the locals. We started dragging our feet and unto our consolatory gander. Do you know that people tend to talk more when they are walking? Yup, it’s true. It IS scientifically, psychologically proven by yours truly. The topic of our discussion drifted mostly about her fear of feathered animals, and the subject of my camera focus was carabao and farm fields.

What the local farmers do is create fire to create smokes. The smoke is for enriching the trees and the rest of the vegetations. For us gawkers, it creates great combination of the sun’s silhouettes to the trees down to the ground.

Other than that dog yawning in that first picture, the animal you see there is called “Carabao”. For fluent pronounciation for foreigners, you can acceptably read it as “Care a bow”. It is in the family of water buffalo. It is used by many farmers to plow their fields, hence heralding as the national animal of the Philippines. Here it is in closer view…

 Our walk may not have panoramas of interesting buildings and historical structures or beach views or famous landmarks, it’s just that sometimes …

The simple things is what my heart beats for, and I genuinely swallowing that notion. We were away from the big cities which also means we’re away from population and pollution. You got to agree that sight-seeing sometimes feels like work in itself. I know exploring Caramoan would’ve been great. But, it’s only suitable to sink in these moments of tranquility that are often hard to come by in our often busy, stressful  lives. The sceneries of the simple life in Caramoan perfectly allowed us “JUST” that.


It’s no wonder why this …


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  1. You managed to capture the beauty of the countrysides to remember these times with, so no need to be jealous. That is a wasted emotion, when there are so many other things to be thankful for. Even getting to go to Caramoan to begin with should be considered a blessing. Lucky you! I’m sorry your trip was cut short anyway, but something is better than nothing, and getting to go at all would be quite a treat for many of us. Plus, you’ll have photos to remember your trip with. Sometimes you’re wise to look beyond the clouds and focus on that silver lining. 🙂

    • Exactly the ending of the post. You’re so right, Marcy. Grand or simple views, I do am thankful being blessed to have traveled a lot. I mean, we could’ve done both so I can’t say I’m not disappointed. But of course it picks up after our talks and the views and pictures I got here.
      And, me and my girl are fond of walking whenever I come to visit anyway. 😀

  2. Ow! Thank you for the feature! And there I thought Caramoan is just beaches. Walking for me is a meditative act. 🙂

  3. Caramoan is lovely and hopefully will stay that way despite all the drive to commerciallize it. These are the scenes I love seeing when we drive home to the probinsiya. Lovely, pastoral views, Rommel. 🙂

    Were you able to go to the beach/islands? (Maybe I missed that post from you, sorry.) I’d like to see how it looks like now compared to when I was there a long time ago.

    • It was good timing for us. Caramoan is the next destination of Survivor. I bet people will get more interesting to it than ever. I’ll post about Caramoan, Philippines very very soon.

      I would had loved to take pictures of the huts and houses, but like said on a previous post, I was saving my camera battery. There are also those carabaos that are bathing on small lakes that I didn’t get to take pictures of because they are on the other direction. I have these pictures to show at least.

  4. Another breathtaking post Bro. These images is one reason why I will always remember the Philippines whereever I go. I grew up on sceneries like this. So peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the wonderful flashback…

    • I, too, have been in and out, Sony. Thanks for convincing me to go to Caramoan. I had such a great great time. Have fun in your adventures, and stay safe!

    • Yup, it doesn’t always have to be the most popular sights or landmarks. It can be a long drive, overseas or just from around your town or even inside your house.
      Thanks baki for visiting.

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