My So-Called Adventure (Edith as Guest Writer)

For once, I let someone else do the talking. Please do read entirely. She wrote this enjoyable entry for us bloggers, even if she’s not one.


Why am I writing a blog? My boyfriend told (more like forced) me to do so. I haven’t written anything since …umm, I can’t remember! Okay here it goes,

GOOD MORNING BOHOL!!!!☺ It’ll be a busy day for us! We will be heading to:

  •  Bee Farm
  •  Sandugo Monument (a.k.a El Pacto de Sangre  or Blood Compact)
  •  Lunch at Loboc River, while watching Loboc Choir
  •  Butterfly Garden
  •  Albuquerque Zoo 
  •  Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc
  •  Man-Made Forest in Loboc
  •   lastly, a long trip to Chocolate Hills before heading back to Panglao

That’s the itinerary. But since I’m with my boyfriend, oh well, he suggested that we should try zipline. After having eaten a lot in a floating restaurant cruising over Loboc River then to do an EXTREME Adventure, I think you know what I’m feeling that time! We passed by the Albuquerque but our tour guide was very helpful saying we can visit the zoo before heading back to the resort. Now, did I hear it correctly?! Adventure Park wasn’t part of the itinerary.

 Then the car stopped, “We’re here, Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park” our tour guide said. There’s no turning back! Am I really going to try this? Before I even answered that question, my boyfriend bought two tickets of combo package which includes zipline and cable car. He seemed to be enjoying my anxiety because he kept looking at me with a big grin on his face. He told me it will be fun, and I believe him.

We had a long walk from the ticket booth towards the zipline launching area. I needed some quiet time. If there are two things I’m not very fond of, that’ll be heights and birds, most especially rooster.
“Cable One Ready!” the crew said. I did not say I’m ready, I haven’t finished my prayers!!!! Waaaahhhhhh! I’M SCREAMING ON TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!

His smile towards my discomfort says it all.

He kept on taking pictures, he’s really enjoying this! I was a bit behind him. I shut my eyes and was just feeling the breeze. I opened my eyes …

…and it was one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen.

After a few minutes, we arrived on the other side. I was beginning to enjoy it! Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for our turn. We waited for about half an hour for the cable car. I thought it’ll be romantic since we will be 120 meters high with the famous Loboc River beneath us. Awww. Then…Am I hearing things? No wait! Is that a rooster hiding behind the bushes? OMG!!!!! This really is an adventure. I began sweating, then palpitations. I immediately went down to the launching area because I need to run away from the roosters even though the crew haven’t called us yet. I think I saw 4-5 roosters in the area. The crew started to prepare the ride, finally.

I was a bit worried hearing a squeaky sound. Just my luck! My boyfriend is having a good time. He kept on looking back, left and right, then back again. I begged him to stay still and stop telling me to look down at the river. I know it’s pretty but it’s hard to concentrate when I can hear the squeaky sound and it’s a very shaky ride because he can’t stay still! I told him, I’ll look for it on the web so stop moving! And that besides to the fact that I already saw it when we did the zipline!

Forced smile, I’m really crying out “Stop taking pictures!!!!”

We started to enjoy the ride. And yes, he’s a sweet and caring boyfriend. The only person who can tolerate my imperfections and loves me for who I am.

I love this shot.

It was an awesome experience! I conquered my fear of heights because I trusted the man I love. I can never thank him enough for being all I have ever needed.  I did enjoy our adventure, and I’ll do it a hundred times as long as he’s holding my hand.

sitting comfy before the ride




Check out ziplining and other adventures through Digital Ballpen. Follow his career goal in the medical field, and his newfangled passion for cooking.



I made a commentary on my 100th post on how awful I am in story-telling. Give it up to my girlfriend. She really did write a very entertaining narration.

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  1. It’s still 8:00 AM and I can say that my day is already complete! Thanks Rommel! I feel like my blog was freshly pressed too! *ehem* Now, I know the feeling. 🙂 Thank you! Watch out for my balbacua post soon! 🙂

  2. I’ve been to Camiguin and Bohol but I’ve never tried riding on a cable car before! Some say that it’s better than the zipline because it takes longer to reach the other side. Too bad I can’t travel soon.

    • Sadly, I can’t go to Camiguin. I was telling my girl about wanting to go there. Actually, it’s when we were on the cable car when she yelled at me not to move too much.

  3. Oh Edith this is great, I hope you blog again! Sorry it made you feel anxious but I hope it was worthwhile for the amazing experience. I would love to try this!
    Rommel I hope you take Edith to the chocolate hills next time, she deserves it after this. You two are a lovely couple!

    • After all is said and done, I know she’s glad she’s done something like this.
      Ow we did go to Chocolate Hills. “Maybe” a future post. The hills are on my ‘more fun in the Philippines’ post.
      And thanks for the compliment. She knows my blog now so she can read the comments.

  4. What a wonderful thing to experience – if you don’t mind heights! I think I’d have had my eyes shut for most of the way across. Love all the pictures – you two look good together. Happy travelling. 🙂

    • We sure had fun … esp. me. Hehe :D. Pardon the laughter to her expense but it really was fun to have her step out of her comfort zone.
      Jude, I bet if you’re in that moment, you’d open your eyes as well … it’s a plus if there’s a good view to look at. 😀

  5. Lovely post! Edith can tell a story:-) But that cable car looks so scary! Don’t know If I could have done that…caring boyfriend or not!

    • The cable car does look different from other places. Usually it’s boxed and not open. I guess it does have an added suspense or intensity for people that are uncomfortable with great heights. It is just like riding a ferris wheel to me. It’s the squeaky sound and wobbling motion that were making her nervous.

  6. Great adventure you had there with your gf… must be fun… I have fear of heights and am not sure if I can do it, so I salute your girlfriend. Also, congrats to her on this blog… 🙂

  7. Edith, welcome to Blogworld! Ziplining was fun, huh?
    So, guys, when are you going to make it permanent?
    I’m talking about Edith getting into blogging, too, haha. No pressure, Rommel! 🙂

    • To answer your question, we are planning on it the next time I visit the PHilippines again. And that’s talking about us settling. 😀

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