Channel Islands

I’ll take the general approach of the challenge.


Painter takes a moment to look at rocks formation as the basis for his drawing.

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is a small island located in Indian ocean. However, it is mainly populated by overseas filipino workers. 


That’s where I’ll be next month. (Above)


Na-ah, this “Peaceful” set won’t get away from a little bit of humor …
Mother Nature cries after Mother Nature calls. Hehehe. I mean, shame on them two!

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  1. Thank You, Thank You for all the likes. I’m so overwhelmed. Thank You for all the comments

    No contest, Amar and mrsbr.

    Yes, Diego Garcia is a tropical, very small island. You can bike the whole island without panting afterwards.

  2. Thank you for a look at Diego Garcia. I have family and friends who are military, and they speak rather disparagingly of it…having gotten stuck there a time or two. I always imagined it so differently, but it really is beautiful. That’s my favorite photo of the bunch!

    • Honestly, I didn’t mind it because the people there are of my race. I do understand the military personnel’s standpoint. There are those who get stationed there for 2 years. Being stuck in a very small island ain’t easy. It just gets weary. There are those who only ges deployed for about 6 – 7 months. Now, that’s the optimum span. I fortunately was there for a fair amount of time. I, personally, say it ain’t that bad.
      It’s a good get-away from the hurly burly of populated places. And, water activities are basically the main outdoor-nature activity there.

      That was the time that I get to try sailing. It was my first time doing it, and it was a race. My supervisor said he wanted me because to be his partner because I’m light. Hihihi. It was funny because he wanted to cheat but he wouldn’t, and didn’t. I highly believe it’s because he doesn’t want to show that attitude with me being there.

      GEEZ Karina! You had me going, firing me up! Screw Diego Garcia being bad, I had so much fun, lots of great memories of that place. 😀

  3. @Thanks for the comments, brenda, fergie and jo.

    It’s just that my first two takes of the challenge were tagged with humor. So, I threw that last pic. 😀

  4. Wow…those were some amazing ocean and beach scenes….beautiful place. Definitely a place of peace and serinity. Must be amazing to just chill and watch the sunset at the end of a day’s work. stay cool!!!

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