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I always lose my balance standing on only one foot. I always have to lean on other things for stability. Granted, I can’t even stand on my own feet. I maybe independent in textbook but I rely on others. Believe you-me, I’ve been in many many many situations where I kept my problems all by myself and regret it because I didn’t scribbled SOS on the sand.

It’s hard to ask for help even when I get a whole lot of support from people around me.  I just find it difficult to plead. It hurts my pride. I have beaten myself on a head-board hard enough to realize that swallowing your ego when your back is against the wall and at least talk about the troubles you have is what can actually get you through whatever knot you’re going through.

I don’t care who you are. People need people.

I first voluntold during the Katrina aftermath where we built wooden houses that sheltered other Hurricane Katrina volunteers in Mississippi.

 This next one I will always be proud of.  I usually the one signing up, but this I’m particularly the one who organized it.  Earlier this year, I organized a recreational event for the children and nuns of an orphanage in Italy. The success of it was such a relief for me. A lot of my colleagues joined the fun together with the children. We took for an afternoon of bowling over pizza, nachos and lumpia.

I always volunteer for the orphange whether donating or offering a hand. I once signed up to fix their backyard getting rid of bushes and big roots, and we plowed the ground for later gardening.

It’s okay to be proud of it, right? As a matter of fact, I think people should be broadcasting their community relation and involvements. Parade it to the world. Wear the T-shirt of their volunteering organization.

This month of October, my Saturday plans are narrowed down to construction activities at the on-going Habitat for Humanity project in Oxnard, California, here in Ventura County. I got home with dirty pants and a hole on my shoe. It’s okay, the small contribution I made will be home for two under-privileged families of the community.  

My “job description” is relatively associated with “service” but we don’t get the very clear view of the outcome of the service we provide. Volunteering gives me the kind of more tangible, sensible, more upfront result.

You help others not expecting something in return. But you do get something, plenty of things. The waves, the smiles, the teamwork, the hardwork, the “thank you’s”, the handshakes, the fulfillment, the sense of accomplishment and all those glories you heard of.

I don’t just appreciate the assistance or rescue I get from others. I consider them as debts I will always be ready to repay. I feel sometimes that others offered their generosity to  me that I need to give back even not directly to the person who helped me. In my head, I have to return the favor in any or some other ways. I am not usually the most skilled or the most knowledgeable but I can always be reliable. I always try to help other people too, in my own little ways, even in the least effort as long as it contributes into something.

Is it my redemption act? Out of guilt, perhaps.  It’s kind of like my salvation, it really is. It’s not for any nature out there but for myself.

Suddenly, I feel like a rich guy cleaning his conscience…

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    • I was overseas when it hit. It would’ve been devastating to see. There is this steak place that one community love so much that after Katrina flooded the place, everyone pulled their weight and pushed to re-build it. That’s another thing about volunteering, the unity, the gathering of people helping out and each other for a common cause.

  1. The world can never have enough volunteers (or organizers of activities for a good cause) and you should be proud to count yourself among them. Great going, Rommel! 🙂

  2. 😀 Thanks for the kind words, tita buds.

    Actually, I was gonna take the kids to a theme park but unfortunately had to leave Italy sooner than expected.

    Over here, I try as much to spread the word.

    I’m actually writing an article about Habitat for Humanity for our own little community paper. Right now though, it is not looking good. They said that it was too wordy. And apparently, they said I should be doing more of journalism than creative writing. Hehehe. I’m simmering my wordings down right now.

  3. It really is good to volunteer especially towards social work.

    However, if I may relate to our profession as nurses, volunteerism is now already abused by the government that they now longer employ nurses just because they can use these volunteers anytime without even compensating them in return.

    I am sorry for the rant. Anyway, it is a fulfilling feeling to do volunteer work because at the end of the day, you know you’ve helped someone. Cheers!

  4. I may have flattered my ownself much. Hihi. Thanks for the kind words anyways.

    This reminds me. I should go back there and check the progress since I’m staying stateside and I’m no longer back going to Spain.

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