Ventura County Fair

Okay here’s the deal. The gist is that the Ventura County Fair offered so much fun activities and displayed exhibitions for everyone who comes in. As we were walking towards the entrance, a line of buses that are transporting occupants from different hotels was already telling that there are plenty of people attending the event. The Ventura County Fair matches the expectations from the visitors. It’s got everything, including concerts of popular artists and bands.

I’ll let the pictures roll…

It starts with a greeting of Indians playing their native music at the entrance of the fair.

I love bluegrass! 

Agriculture and Floriculture



She’s waiting for her turn to auction the animal.

 Animal Events

All-Alaskan Racing Pigs

Wool Riding Contest. The winner was a 3-year old girl.

The kids attempting to catch the mutton.

Horse Show Arena

Bull Ride

Lifehouse Performs Live

Solo Acoustic of lead vocalist Jason Wade singing the most demanded song called “Everything”



The Fair


The crowd leaves after the Trace Adkins concert.

There’s plenty more that I can show but it seems that I’ve shown so many pictures already. There’s horse riding, youth expo, arts by kids, amatuers and professionals, rock climbing, bunjee jumping, aquariums, cooking show and photography. REO Speedwagon and The Beach Boys also are included in the band line-up for concert.

Ventura County Fair sure was grand. And the coolest part of all is that I learned so much more about Ventura, and I’m ready to explore even further.

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    • The kid right in front of me couldn’t get a hold of himself jumping with excitement. Yeah, they really put a show show with those racing pigs. At the final race, he got picked in placing his bet on which pig he thought would win. The pig he picked came in first …. but by cheating and was considered disqualified. LOL.

      I like taking pictures of the rides in black and white just like the one on my other entry. I couldn’t do it here because it was already during nighttime.

      tita buds, I see you’ve been in Spain and Italy. What cities did you exactly been to? And when you gonna upload your pictures? hehe. I myself went to Spain for 6 months and Italy for 2 years. 😀

  1. That’s a long time to explore such beautiful places. I was in Spain & Italy for only 3 weeks so I’m sure my pictures have got nothing on your pictures, hehe. We stayed in southern Spain most of the time plus the usual suspects Madrid & Barcelona and in Italy, went only to the Tuscan region.

  2. I swear. I like to believe that I initiated cheering for “Everything” when he asked what song we wanted to hear. Everyone followed, and they did played it.

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