My Ventura Tour Plan for My Parents

I was wondering where I can take my parents around next week when they visit me here in Ventura. I had a lot of ideas as there are plenty of choices that Ventura has to offer. They haven’t seen me for about 2 years so I must tour them somewhere good. No problem, I’ve explored Ventura enough to know the good places to go to.

I’m going to take my parents here …

I thought of taking them somewhere fancy. Maybe a fine dinner. Then I thought my parents are extremely money-conscious. That’s why I really haven’t had that urge of showing them that I’m paying for dinner. I thought of driving them on the Pacific Coast Highway. That would be nice. Plenty of beautiful sceneries we can stop at along the way. Maybe drive them all the way down to Malibu or Santa Monica. Then I thought that maybe they were already exhausted from being on the road coming down here from Northern California. Traffic might ruin their short visit here.

So I thought of taking them somewhere without spending too much money and somewhere close.

That’s it! That’s all I need. I’m taking my parents to nearby beach in Channel Islands 10 minutes or less from where I live. I’m sure they will be pleased. They can watch the seagulls that are very representative of Ventura anyways. There’s also a nearby harbor. Sailboats and kayaks are often seen cruising the ocean. And if we’re lucky, we might spot some seals too. They just can relax as surfers surf, fishermen fish, bikers ride their bikes, skaters skate and dog-walkers walk with their dogs.

The beaches here in Ventura are very serene and relaxing. It’s a perfect gateaway for their short visit here. Perfect for their age. Perfect for me as well, I don’t have to worry about my wallet wearing thin. Perfect representations for Ventura County.

[I will buy them dinner, but not somewhere fancy.]

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  1. Your parents must be lucky to have you as a son. I love the place where you brought them, there is just so much serenity at the beach (any beach I suppose) and it’s a great place to relax and catch up where you left off with them. Looks like Ventura County is a beautiful place to live.

    • Indeed. Ventura is a cross between a city and beach area. I don’t mean to trash my first residency in NorCal but SoCal is better. Pacific Coast Highway is its pride. Just saw they’re filming something there 2 weeks ago. It’s a really good county.

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