Crawfish Festival

Sometime during the previous decade, I resided in Mississippi for four and a half years. And there’s one specific thing I do crave. You know it! Crawfish!

So when a friend of mine invited me to go with him, there was no need for convincing me. I immediately thumbed up to grab the crab. We headed for an hour and a half drive(+30 min traffic) from Ventura to Long Beach, California to catch the Crawfish Festival.

As it turned out, it was more than just bringing the flavor of the exceptional crawfish to the other side of the country. The event transported the whole Mardi Gras-sy way of Southern feasting.

Blues Music playing at the stage

 The day was particularly boosted by the lively and colorful Second Line Dancers who paraded their way around the event ground playing music, throwing out beads to everybody and a lot of dancing.


I showed her the many pictures I took of her. She is nice as a person as she is beautiful.

I also enjoyed the energy of this guy.

Stomach was full. Southern soul felt. And my cravings once again sustained.

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    • ^ Cool story, Connie. Didn’t actually knew how they catch crawfish, and I didn’t think it can be done by just jumping to cold streams and turning over rocks. Hehe.

      Thanks for the visits, Connie.

  1. Love the festive spirit. Fun, bright and colorful. Just an amazing display of joy and optimism. I wish Houston has a Crawfish Festival although we are crazy about the the delicious cooked crawfish. Great post Bro…

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