Visiting Denmark in California

Two months ago, I left Italy. And Mamma Mia! I miss Europe. I came back to California and I knew it’d be hard to adjust again. I knew it won’t be culturally or historically different, and still, I undergo exploration spree. I am catching shows, festivals, fiestas or any event I may find. I am trying restaurants like a food critic I can never be. I was behind the wheel looking out the windshield like I was just fresh off the boat. I really was trying to satisfy my craving for traveling.

I just so happened to dismiss following the iPhone map, and went the other way. Then, I started seeing pedestrians carrying cameras. This must be a tourist spot. I, then, started to get thrilled.

So by luck, I discovered this amazing place street-lined with Danish-inspired structures. The city is called Solvang. Rather than going back home, I parked to stay and take a gander.


My string of good luck was getting even stronger. The vintage cars so happened to be strolling along just as I got to the main street. Glad I didn’t miss it. 


The bell dings every hour on the hour.

It could not be anymore fitting.  Solvang, California scratched my itchy feet sustaining my thrist for anything European and fulfilling my addiction for traveling.

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