What a “nice” springtime, and not just weather-wise.

I am proud to broadcast that this month of April I did a number of volunteering.

First up, we  played and mingled with the children of Carinaro and Sentro Laila. Along with us are snacks and donated toys.

It was a “nice” day.

We spent a fulfilling day in their little playground and outdoor court.

Feeling incredibly great about it, I jumped to the opportunity of organizing a fun event for the orphans of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts. And I had been meaning to put together a community relation before leaving Italy. I was thinking it’d be something to give in return for the awesome place I resided in for 2 years. Last week, it finally happened. It was also the first time that I took a lead coordinating any kind of event.

We invited the orphans of Sisters of the Sacred Hearts to go outside and play bowling over chips and salsa, pizza and lumpia.

It was a “nice” day.

I was so glad that the children and the nuns enjoyed the afternoon. I was also glad that a lot of people in our association took part in the event, and I’m sure they enjoyed playing with the kids as much as I did.

Earlier that week, in cooperation of the Red Cross, I also volunteered to sell burgers and hotdogs to raise money to donate to Japan.

It was a “nice” day.

That day, we finished grilling all the meats the earliest as we had more volunteers than usual. Also, it is possibly our fastest sell ever as people rushed in willing to contribute money.

Now that I am relieved from being successful in leading an event, I’ll be more confident for the next one as Iam planning to take the orphans of Sentro Laila to Magic World.


I’m positive. I know. It will be a “nice” day, and not just weather-wise ;).

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