The Island of Capri


We hiked deep to a cliff less traveled. Down to a very secluded spot. The cliff was high and steep. The path, beaten by the few who have discovered it. 

We didn’t have that much available time. The walk from port to Capri Centro was already tiring and we knew the hike was going to be treacherous. We weren’t even wearing the appropriate attire, nor had the proper gears. But we decided to move on. We pursued. All for the satisfaction of traveling, for the worth of our trip and for the fulfillment of Matthew’s crazy idea.

We basically let our friend, Matthew, know how he unexpectingly brought us into this brutally painful exhausting hike. But I also thank him for taking me to a beautiful location and for quite a unique and awesome experience.


Here are few more pictures of Capri…

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    • Compass Tales!!! I’m so glad you’re here.Consider me a fan of your blog. The pictures on that link are so good. And ow, I should be hang-ed if I don’t get to see Yosemite. Someday, someday.

      Thanks for the comment. Keep on rolling! 😀

    • Disappointingly no. 😦 We didn’t have enough time, and the guys I was with didn’t want to cough out extra dough. It really was such a disappointment. Capri is still good-looking nonetheless, I just missed its magic.

  1. That’s how you called Unexpected Adventures .. hahaha … really love this blog and the place is inviting .. ;D

  2. Waaah! It’s so beautiful!! I always love your pictures and this is also the reason why I try to avoid vising sometimes because I know the pictures are so stunning and I can’t help but regret not travellig more often.

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