Ti Amo Espanya

I may not have gone to main cities of Spain like Barcelona, but I pretty much checked my to-do list of everything I wanted to experience in Spain in under a 6-month period. I was in the region of Andalusia which origins the famous dance, flamenco. I arrived right on the Holy Week that I get to see how they observe it. I also get to taste their delicious Spanish omelette, their famous paella and had downed a bottle of Sangria.

Spain is beautiful. The houses and establishments are characteristic, even on a regular neighborhood. Really! the architectural designs are not taken lightly. The small alleys are my favorite, together with the cobblestone roads. The parks are all over the place. Roundabouts are located with small statures and monuments or any other designs. Even the street lights are of shapes and forms. Such of these small features to feel that touristic pleasure, that vibe that really lets you know that you’re in a different foreign place.

There is so much Catholicism and romanticism around.  You get to see some of the grandest churches in Spain. We went to Sevilla. There is this cathedral, La Giralda, it’s huge – the largest in Spain and the third largest in the world. And, there are more tourist spots to see just around the area. Right across is Alcazar, a spacious gigantic royal palace. A little walk down the main street will take you to Torre de Oro and an arena known as Plaza Maestranza. 



Determined to complete my travel mission in Spain that I get to be in a bodega, a wine warehouse. My research led us to a good tour of Tio Pepe in Jerez. Now, the wine industry in Spain is huge. I suggest to do a little homework. Bodega can simply mean a shop for wine or a warehouse of any product. You want to go to an actual factory. There are a lot of small bodegas that you might end up going to.

Jerez is the capital of sherry wine, horse and the flamenco dance.


My most memorable experience in Spain was when I get to be on a bull run scene for the very reason that I actually got rammed by the bull. Luckily, I didn’t get any major injury. If you ever planned on going to a bull run, stay behind the barriers!

We also witnessed a bullfight matador show in Rota.

It’s very at ease there. The economy is low, but the thing about that is …people are relaxed. It’s not being lazy, they are just not pressured. They go to a nearby beach. They have a sit and drink their coffee, unwinding. They have siestas, businesses are close. The earliest they open the stores is at 9 and the restaurants for dinner at around 10 p.m. The bars will start getting packed after 11 and the party will be over til wee hours in the morning. And because they are not necessitated, their actions and lifestyle  just come out very natural. They have an admiring un-ambitious simple living to envy at.

I definitely can take another 6-month tour in Spain.

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