Vigan, Philippines

Authentic may have been an overrated, over-used and overkilled travelling term, but authentic is written all over Vigan’s restaurant’s menus, its antique looks and their bucolic way of living. Authentic is Vigan’s perfect description, and not just because of its old houses. Vigan is genuine and true to its root. Evidences of the colonial times still exist and modernism hasn’t spread all over the place. The food are distinctive and culinary is of their own style. The pottery industry still runs as good business. Livelihood is basic and life is simple. Vigan remains pure and unerring. The Baluarte Zoo is not abused by its visitors and rules are highly respected. Tourism certainly has not been swayed and exploited by too much commercialism. It is untouched by corporate world, not congested with big companies and no big cheese walking around in his suit.

And I hope that, like their ancient houses, everything stays as it is. It’d be always nice to know for Vigan to remain …with valued and appreciated, well-kept authenticity.


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  1. Beautiful!! I’ve been to Vigan twice before and everytime the place always takes my breath away. It’s like walking through history. Love reading about my beloved Philippines.

  2. Thanks for the comment, like and follow.
    It sure takes a toll on you being away from your motherland.
    And yes, blogging makes it easy for us to feed our longing, and to promote the great travel spots we have.

  3. What a beautiful experience. I long to visit Vigan but just didn’t have the time to do so. Hope to be there someday as I have heard so much good things about this place (plus this post of yours).

    I love to see old houses, buildings, churches… and I love to taste that authentic empanada you mentioned on your “about” page…

    Thanks for sharing Vigan with us! 🙂

  4. Yes, I hope it is still looks the same when I get there in the near future. I’ve been to Ilocos once for a charity climb last February 2010 but we didn’t have the time to go to Vigan. That climb was also an exploratory climb which means two days is nearly not enough for the said endeavor. Anyway, I love the images you got from there. They all look AUTHENTIC.

  5. Today, I get to be reminded of how beautiful and rich this place is. One day, I hope to see it for myself. You’re blessed bro to see all these amazing places. Thanks for sharing you r adventures. Somehow it felt like we were there ourselves.

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